EXCLUSIVE: Choti Sarrdaarni’s Nimrit: Came to Mumbai as I was shortlisted for a film; TV wasn’t on my mind

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EXCLUSIVE: Choti Sarrdaarni’s Nimrit: Came to Mumbai as I was shortlisted for a film; TV wasn’t on my mind

Choti Sarrdaarni actors Avinesh Rekhi and Nimrit Ahluwalia open our second season of PrimeTime Partners. The two bonded on the set and share how they bagged their respective roles and their offscreen camaraderie. They also participated in how well do you know your co-star segment with us and spilled the beans on who snaps more and who might cheat on cards as we indulged in the ‘Most Likely To’ segment. Nimrit revealed how TV happened to her as Avinesh recalled their first meet during a mock shoot. Over to them: 

How did you bag Sarabjit and Meher? Do you remember your first audition for it? 

Avinesh: I went for the audition and came to know that this is a character of a politician who will be wearing a turban throughout and this is the first time they are coming up with a turban clad lead for the first time on Indian TV. My first audition actually did not go well because my turban was not tied properly. I told my casting people that I need to audition again because my turban wasn’t done properly and also, I was not feeling too confident. I gave the auditions again and I got a call the next day itself. 

Nimrit: My journey was not that smooth in comparison to his. I had moved to Bombay in November 2018 because I was shortlisted for a film that Mukesh Chhabra was casting for. TV was not in my mind but I started auditioning rigorously and I went for it everywhere. I had gone to this audition to 4 Lions because I had liked the script. I think after that it circulated that there is also this other girl. In Feb 2019, I was called for this audition where I had not read the script and was not in the correct attire that Mehr was supposed to have. I was not ready for the audition. I just walked in and did whatever. When I came out, the creative briefed me about it which got me excited. Luckily, they gave me a callback. 

I think most girls on TV are petite girls, with big eyes, fairer, big lips and I think I was the complete opposite. Then I struggled to convince people on top that I can do this part. 

How has your camaraderie evolved over the years? 

Avinesh: I think the comfort level has built up with time. The scenes that I perform with her now have become easy and not much hard work involved as such because I remember the first scene I performed with her and I was uncomfortable with it. It was because as a character the story was complex, I had a very different zone and with time it has become very easy.

Nimrit: As actors; I feel it is very important to understand how your co-star will react to a scene, approaches a scene. It is about camaraderie at the end of the day.

Your first impression of each other?

Avinesh: I met Nimrit at the mock shoot. When she came for it, she was tanned and had come from Goa and had no idea about the TV industry. She was clueless. She did not know me and wondered who I was.

Nimrit: I thought he had also come to give auditions like anyone else (laughs).

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