EXCLUSIVE: Devoleena Bhattacharjee on Sidharth & Shehnaaz’s relationship: Don’t force them into something

Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who got into an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, shared her views about Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s much talked about chemistry post Bigg Boss 13.
EXCLUSIVE: Devoleena Bhattacharjee on Sidharth & Shehnaaz’s relationship: Don’t force them into somethingEXCLUSIVE: Devoleena Bhattacharjee on Sidharth & Shehnaaz’s relationship: Don’t force them into something
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Devoleena Bhattacharjee was undoubtedly one of the most talked about contestants of Bigg Boss 13. Be it in the house or out, she did know how to rule the headlines, especially for her straightforward and upfront opinions. Of late, the diva has been making the heads turn for her statements on Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s chemistry. The diva had reportedly stated that the duo looks great as brother and sister instead of couples. While her comment is going viral, Devoleena clarified herself on it during an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla.

In an Instagram live session, the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actress asserted that she sees SidNaaz as best friends and not as a couple. Explaining her point, Devoleena stated that while couples have several restrictions and obligations, this isn’t the case with BFFs or siblings and that’s how SidNaaz are. She also urged the fans not to force them into something they aren’t. Furthermore, Devoleena also emphasised that while she did get to know that Shehnaaz has admitted being in love with Sidharth, the latter hasn’t accepted it so far. However, she made a point that people should leave this to them as it’s their personal matter and shouldn’t force them into something as it might affect their friendship as well.

Earlier, Devoleena had also grabbed the headlines after she shared her views on SidNaaz’s song Bhula Dunga by Darshan Raval. While she was all praises for the Balika Vadhu star, the diva, who is known for calling spade a spade, stated that she didn’t find any chemistry between Sidharth and Shehnaaz. However, her bold remarks did invite trouble for her and the former Bigg Boss 13 contestants came on the radar of the Shehnaaz’s fans who trolled her savagely on social media. In fact, things even went nasty and Devoleena even received offensive threats on social media following with she sought help from the Mumbai police’s cyber department. Do you agree with Devoleena? Do Sidharth and Shehnaaz look good as BFFs and not as a couple? Share your views in the comment section below.

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They r couple goal... Wait and watch #sidnaaz

They are the real couple.Some of them are really jealous.
#sidnazz we really love you and support you for ever.

Everything looks like Debolina is jealous of Shehnaaz or she does not like Shehnaaz...
Shehnaaz n Siddharth never look like brother n sister..
But definitely close friends.



Lol if sid is smart he will not go for that girl to be a couple

Totally agree she is very immatured and does not realise Sid status and popularity in society she calls him all sorts of names and since she has no decent friends she does not like Sid having friends

They are very cute together have 100% chemistry its laughable to say they are like bro sis

Devoleena Bhattacharejee is one jealous woman not able to digest the equation between Sidharth & Shehnaaz. She herself has the hots for Sidharth & tried hard to woe him and he didn’t give two hoots to her. Get a reality check babe, leave them alone and move on!!!

You are absolutely right..such people have no right to judge others

Right.she has no right to judge others

Shehnaaz gill can't be trusted worthy partner.Best of luck to Sidharth shukla if he is dating her

Sorry nothing like that she is trust worthy and loyal towards her job,love and relations.

BB was reality show but #SidNaaz does translate into hot onscreen couple.Devoleena was right,evry1 is not bound to agree with populist choice.

Chemistry is definitely there between the two. Sana openly admits but sid is holding back for reasons known to him. Nevertheless they make a very cute couple. Love to see them together.

I love #sidnaaz but Whether they are bff/couple is their personal choice. We should not force them for that.
Lets support them whatever their choice is.

I love #sidnaaz but its their personal choice of whether bff/couple. We should support them for the decision they take.

I guess devoleena and paras are smart people, they know what can keep them in news.
This is I reckon the third time she spoke about #sidharth & sana

I love SIDNAAZ..they are very close friends..sis-bro relation is very different..they are like the cutest Jodi..

They r not couple but they were good in masti mood in BB13,aftre sidnaz how much she stick with shukla,y we say anything..?check ur own..shukla also felt so he always replied as "friend".itne bade hai dono khud dakh lenge yaar.

Y is it any1's business yeah? Who cares whether dey r BFFs or couple ? We as fans just want dem to find health, happiness n success in all der endeavours!!!! We shud also ignore all d noise n just keep supporting dem in der ventures.

They are good friends that's it and true friendship

A beautiful chemistry is there between them but at the same time, we must understand that they come from totally different backgrounds. Their circle of friends is very different. This could be the only reason that is keeping Sidharth from confessing his love to Shehnaz. Love definitely exists but he is mature and will be able to see the future of the relationship. He may take time to make a final decision. May be spend time with her in the real world.
I say he loves her coz of what we saw through BB. One doesnt just stay so close physically to someone whom you dont love in Bf/ Gf way. A brother/sister or friends' love is much different.
Thank you.

Deboleena is absolutely right. We shouldn't force them ( or rather I would say Sid coz Sana desperately is trying to woo him in every possible way) to start a relationship just because few of Sana's fans want them to. Moreover all said n done, Sid deserves a much more well spoken, well read n a matured female as his partner.

Very true

They both look lovable couple.. Deboleena and Sidharth look like brother and sister


Did anyone ask Sid...??? When he wrote ""Sidnaaz undeniable chemistry"".. gave all answers.. still some people unnecessarily want publicity

The way Devoleena has asked the Sidnaaz fans not to force them into any relationship similarly I as a sidnaaz fan would ask her to leave them alone and let them decide their relationship. We all know Sana's feelings for Sid and time n again Sid has explained his feelings for Sana through his actions may not be Verbally. It's very evident that they're made for each other. So Devoleena pls keep your dirty publicity stunt to yourself try your luck somewhere else. U all spoke nonsense about Sid and Sana throughout show now What bothers u whether they are dating each other or not.
When you were in the show u grabbed public attention through them and still u r doing the same. So ultimately we can understand that without them u r nothing. U so called big star of tv industry needs to grab public attention through a new comer.

Please devoleena to stop all this nonsense coz they both are not like friends. Looking to them can anyone tell that is a friend. No no they are in relationship but Siddharth I don't know why he is hesitating. Really he is with sana . He is not expressing but the time comes jealous devoleena grand ma ,aunty devil shut up your mouth and stop saying all this your stomach fills without telling this your stomach will not till if u didn't say these. Do one thing take some mud or stones keep in your mouth so that your mouth will shut

Yes they look loveable friend not as a couple

There is only friendship from Siddharth's side fake sana is forcing him unnecessarly with the help of her fans and paid u tube channels

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