EXCLUSIVE: Divyanka Tripathi-Vivek Dahiya bag the Nach Baliye 8 trophy

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya win Nach Baliye 8.

Nach Baliye 8 is all set for it's Grand Finale today and fans are going berserk. It's literally like a war between the fans of Divek VS Monaya VS AbiNam. Probably more than the rival jodis, their fans seem to have taken it to heart and are leaving no stone unturned in making their favourite couple win.

But hold on to your breath, for we are here to announce the WINNER of this season. Yes, now according to our close sources, Divyanka and Vivek have bagged the Nach Baliye 8 trophy and the huge cash prize. While the first runner-up position has been bagged by Abigail Pande and Sanam Johar, Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal stand as the second runner-up.

Congratulations to all the winners.

While talking to us, Dance Guru Terence Lewis spoke to us about the contestants. Talking about Divyanka-Vivek, he said, "Talking about Divyanka and Vivek, just the way the two are synced with each other as partners in real life, they are somewhere off sync in their dance performances. While Vivek is phenomenal, Divyanka just isn't able to match upto him. I understand because she is doing a lot many other things also, shooting etc plus also she had her back ailment. But at times, Divyanka too has nailed it but Vivek somehow hasn't managed to do it that good. Many-a -times, they aren't on the same page. This is the only couple who has been fluctuating in terms of performance. But they have a huge and beautiful fan following who has supported them so much. They are so popular. Whenever I give score them low, I am told that there is a huge hate message coming my way", said Terence laughingly.

"But you know I have realised that I actually don't care and I am here to do my job, Divyanka doesn't feed me. I am given certain roles to fulfill and I am doing my job correctly. When they do good, I tell them the same too. I had initially thought they would have been eliminated in the first six weeks itself, but it was from the seventh week that I saw great growth in them. I kept telling them that you are getting away only because of your popularity. But it was only in the 8, 9 and 10th episode that the two upped their dancing game and I was very happy that now they are well deserving and are a part of the show not because of their popularity but because of their dance. I now am very happy and proud that they are there because they can dance well and not on the basis of their popularity."

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Soo biased

Wow the show is totally rigged! Theirs was the worst performance in face off. Abigail should have won. Seriously, this show is rigged


Fixed not fair Sanaya mog it deserved it

WOW!!! How undeserving. They had worst performances ever. Why is this show based on dance performances? It is about who is more popular. What a SHAME! Abigail and Sanam truly deserved it based.

The deserving nach baliye 8 is Sanam and Abigail and not Divek. This time very disappointing. Lost interest to watch yeh hai mohabbatein

they were not that great

this is shyt. they just cant dance. esp her she is fat and cant move her body

Bharti and Harsh were better than this Aunty and her Beta

This always happened in previous seasons as well. Also in Jhalak D Jaa. I remember how Shweta Salve didn't win. I stopped watching after tht and Mona won due to her popularity. Che!

Divek have the most over enthu PR

Not deserving at all.. they should be ashamed to take the trophy

They definitely didn't deserve to win. There were lot of better dancers in the competition than them. Abigail and Sanam were much better and deserved to win. Sanaya was also better than them. Lol Divyanka thinks she's a deserving winner

They were so undeserving to win this title. I wonder audience are fool to vote for them or judges were biased .why does this always happens in dance shows in india?

Abigail and Sanam were truly deserving to win the trophy. Divyanka and Vivek are just super popular and have a crazy fan following who voted for them like crazy.

She looks like his mother.

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