EXCLUSIVE: I don't celebrate Bakri Eid; Totally against it, says Nausheen Ali Sardar

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EXCLUSIVE: I don't celebrate Bakri Eid; Totally against it, says Nausheen Ali Sardar

Actress Nausheen Ali Sardar is one power-packed woman, who is fearless and fiery. The actress, who does not mince words and speaks her mind out, is fearless of facing the repercussions to her outspokenness. Nausheen, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, on account of Bakri-Eid today, spoke how despite being a Muslim, is totally against this festival and the idea of killing innocent animals in the name of God. "I don’t celebrate Bakri-Eid, and I am absolutely against it. I dislike the concept of killing innocent animals in the name of God," said Nausheen.

The actress stated, "No God ever has asked to kill his own beings, that too for him. I love animals a lot, so much that despite being a Muslim, I absolutely do not eat meat." Nausheen further added light to how she had faced the wrath of netizens when she had requested people to be careful during Makar Sankranti and not harm birds, long ago.

"I remember I was travelling somewhere when I saw a bird killed by a kite. I was so disheartened that I immediately put up a post on social media asking people not to play with the lives of innocent animals and birds. It was Makar Sankranti that day. The moment I uploaded the post, Hola! I was trolled left and right. It suddenly became a matter of Hindus versus Muslims in the comments section. Rather than understanding the logic and concern behind the post, trolls turned this entire concern into a religious issue."

"Not just Bakri-Eid or Makar Sankranti, even during Christmas, when Turkeys are killed, it affects me. Any festival that involves killing of innocent animals and birds is a BIG NO for me," added the Kkusum star.

So what is Nausheen's idea of religion? Ask her this and Nausheen says, "For me, religion is all about humanity. There is nothing above or beneath humanity. I don’t believe in this constitution of religion. I am agnostic and believe in every supreme power and not just one. I visit temples, churches and gurudwaras too. Mount Mary is my go-to place. Whenever I feel the need to connect to the divine power, I visit Mother Mary and it is a practice since my childhood."

"If ever I get some supernatural power, I will remove the concept of religion. It is the root cause of every problem in society. It’s just a power game, if you know what I mean," concludes Nausheen.

This reminds us of how the late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan too was against the idealogy of killing innocent animals in the name of God. The actor back then had faced a lot of flak for his statement against Bakri-Eid celebrations but till the very end, Irrfan stuck to his idealogy.

Talking about Nausheen, the actress, in the early 2000s ruled the roost as Kkusum and became a household name in no time. The actress, even today, 20 years post the show first went on air, is more popularly remembered as Kkusum amidst all her other characters and Nausheen absolutely loves it that way!

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