EXCLUSIVE: Ekta Kapoor on her journey of motherhood: I had a calling for a long time, stored my eggs at 36

Ekta Kapoor, who became a mother of a baby boy via surrogacy, opened up on her journey of becoming a single parent during an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla.
EXCLUSIVE: Ekta Kapoor on her journey of motherhood: I had a calling for a long time, stored my eggs at 36
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Ekta Kapoor, who is on the pinnacle of success in her professional life, is also a happy mother of one year old son Ravie. The television czarina had surprised everyone when she announced the birth of her son through surrogacy and is over the moon after becoming a single parent. In fact, the boss lady had been sharing adorable videos of her little munchkin on social media which is a real treat for the eyes. Certainly, her decision to become several eyebrows but Ekta remained unfazed.

And while she is happily enjoying her journey of motherhood, Ekta recently opened up about becoming a single parent and revealed how her parents reacted to it. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Ekta revealed that she had decided to store her eggs at the age of 36. “I had a calling for a long time I don’t know what was it. I don’t know I thought I might get married, might not. Very late, if it happens. Or it may never happen because I am not gonna do anything just for the sake of it. I have always been such a nonconformist, there was no way I would... (conform to marriage),” she asserted.

While her parents might not be on the cards on her, Ekta stated that her mother told her to have a child but she explained that she would have it when she is ready and via surrogacy. But much to her surprise, her brother Tusshar Kapoor had already decided to be a single parent. “And he’s done it! And he’s come and told us and he’s done it. ‘I’ll be a single father’,” Ekta was quoted saying. Recalling her parents’ reaction, the television czarina stated that both Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor were gobsmacked.

Furthermore, Ekta emphasized that Tusshar’s journey of parenthood helped her realize that she too was ready to be a mother. She also believes that this whole journey of single parenthood had not only changed her life but it has also helped her parents grow as human beings.

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