EXCLUSIVE: Harshita Gaur on cold war with Param Singh: Param and I are very very close friends

Sadda Haq fame Harshita Gaur talks about her upcoming web series opposite Param Singh.
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Harshita Gaur gained immense popularity with her show Sadda Haq and went on to do season 2 due to popular demand. Harshita Gaur and Param Singh's pair became extremely popular and fans and viewers went bonkers about the two. After Sadda Haq season 2 came to an end, Param Singh was seen on a Television show Ghulaam but Harshita was nowhere to be seen. She was waiting for the right kind of work to come along and it finally has. Harshita Gaur is currently been seen in two upcoming web series, Black Coffee, and Mirzapur. We exclusively got in touch with the actress and here's what she had to say about the web series, Param Singh and much more. 

Here's an excerpt from the interview

You have done a major show on Television, Sadda Haq, what had this shift from Television to now a web series?

There's no specific reason actually, I want to do what I like and it has taken time also since my fans really wanted to see me back on screen and something nice came to me now so I did it, even if it's a web series. And a lot of people are doing web series, it's a good platform for actors, writers, and directors. it's a very creative zone and even the audience now days are always on their phone and want to see everything on their phone, they don't have the patience and time to sit through an entire episode on TV. 

Do you feel your web series (Black Coffee) with Param Singh, will gain a lot of attention because your pair is already very famous due to Sadda Haq?

It feels good to be back with him on screen and I am doing two web series and I hope people like both of them and yes Param and me pairing again will add bonus value to the web series and I hope the audiences like it. 

Sadda Haq was more of a female-driven and in a good manner, do you feel the content of Television shows are degrading now?

I don't think I have any say in that because I feel it also depends on the demand and supply. So what people like is what is made. 

Earlier there were reports that you and Param were going through some cold war, was it true?

No that's absolutely not true, Param and I are very very close friends, and all those reports were baseless and untrue. 

So you are doing two different web series, tell us about both of them?

One of them is called Black Coffee and I am doing it with Param, and the other one I am a part of is Excel Entertainment's production Mirzapur. Mirzapur is a bigger web series with a lot of actors involved, it's not a love story and it doesn't revolve around one particular character. The characters evolve and even my character evolves from season 1 to season 2. And from the name Mirzapur, it's evident that it's based completely on the UP, Benaras lines. 

However, in Black Coffee, I am playing a simple Gujarati girl, with my own problems and how Param's character enters my life and all that. 

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