EXCLUSIVE: Ishqbaaz's Surbhi Chandna: Earlier, I looked fat in front of Nakuul; was written off saying that I won't work

Surbhi Chandna opens up about her experience working on Ishqbaaz.
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Star Plus' Ishqbaaz completed its one year anniversary just recently and amid their hectic schedule, the team managed to steal some time to celebrate their success. The show revolves around the 'ishqbaazi' of Surbhi Chandna (Anika) and Nakuul Mehta (Shivaay Singh Oberoi) aka Shivika and has managed to climb the TRP ladder within a very short span of time. 

While the team is currently flooded with love from fans, we interacted with Surbhi on the one year anniversary of Ishqbaaz.  

Surbhi has now become a popular name on television, however, it was not all easy for her. After going through her share of rough patches, the actor with her hard work and dedication has managed to debunk the apprehensions people had about her. 

During the interview, an ecstatic Surbhi while attributing the success of her show to her team, also revealed that a few had initially written her off as an actor citing that she did not look like a typical heroine material.

"Initially, many people had an image of me that I am not a heroine material, I don't even look like an Indian TV heroine type. Honestly I have a very conventional look, not like a typical daily soap heroine look and initially, I had also put on some weight for the show, so in front of Nakuul [Mehta], I used to always look fat, plump. So, many people wrote me off, initially saying that I won't work," she said, while adding, "Today when I see those comments change into appreciation, with the kind of acting or looks, or every outfit that I carry, it feels like I have achieved something. Of course, there is a lot to achieve but I have achieved little. I feel great about it."

While we begged to differ here, we spoke to Nakuul himself to ask if he was aware of this. 

"Funnily, I also never thought that [she is not heroine type]," said Nakuul.  

He further added, "One day she pointed out, she was asking me that [if she looked fat initially] but I never looked at her that way. To be honest, when you are working with someone every day, I think she looked perfectly fine. But of course she probably got such feedback, but for me, I think if you are a good actor it doesn't matter if you are 5 KG overweight or underweight because eventually, you look good if you act well. So, for me I thought she was perfect yaar, she was perfect for the character she is playing."

No wonder their chemistry is on point.


surubhi is actually one of the best actresses on television today.

Surbhi di was great actor I love surbhidi she is perfect for Anika 'caractor!

Surbhi di was great actor I love surbhidi she is perfect for Anika 'caractor!

Great response from Nakul, wish all men understood this and spoke like this

Vijay bhai King

AWW Nakuul! That's so sweet. Perfect response. I agree. Surbhi is the perfect Anikka. I don't think anyone else could've played Annika or Shivaay. :*

Surbhi only deserves the character of annika ;)

Surabi Chandra is great emotion acter in television shows

I think krystal should play this role

Aur bhi no nakuul r best for Annika nd Shivaay (shivika) luv u guys ❤️

Surbhi you are so beautiful Actresses and I like you.

Only surbhi was able to do this role... As she gives such a khirki tor performance....

Surubhi... I always admire ur personality u look gorgeous when you r little chubby that's how we like you as Anika... Ishqbaaz seems incomplete without your appearance n dialogues..

Anika u r my favourite TV actress no one is lyk u.I only want totell u i luv u.luv u so much

Surbi is not like other daily soap heroines thats why she is different like moon among stars ......just perfectly

Best expression queen

I love shivika..no one can replace u as anika's role.super acting..shivaay also super..I love shivika.

Surbhi chandna is best

Didi you are best and only u can make a complete shivika

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