EXCLUSIVE: Kapil Sharma on resuming TKSS shoot, NO live audience, 'new normal', Ginni pushing him to resume

Updated on Jul 23, 2020 11:42 AM IST  |  1.6M
EXCLUSIVE: Kapil Sharma on resuming TKSS shoot, NO live audience, 'new normal', Ginni pushing him to resume
EXCLUSIVE: Kapil Sharma on resuming TKSS shoot, NO live audience, 'new normal', Ginni pushing him to resume

Kapil Sharma along with his team is all set to return with new episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show. The comedian-actor is thrilled to be back on sets after a hiatus of four months. In a candid chat with Pinkvilla, Kapil shared that he was confused about resuming shoot but it was his wife Ginni Chatrath who pushed him to go for it. He also revealed how the 'new normal' has been on sets, shooting with no live audience and reuniting with his peers. After two extremely tiring shooting days, Kapil managed to speak to us. Here are the excerpts below:

People really missed TKSS. How was everything on the set post this unprecedented break? What all has changed for you individually? 

I have also received so many messages from fans telling us how much they missed the show. I am happy that we have resumed shoot. The arrangements on the set are really good; there is a sanitising tunnel in place. The credit goes to the producers. Only my [spot] boy would be allowed to be with me in my vanity, along with one writer and director. We rehearsed on stage only as it is an open space so the chances of maintaining social distancing were better there. Later, we performed in front of Archana Puran Singh ji. There was no audience, only 4-5 people from the crew were present. That was new. We obviously missed having the live audience but it was still fun. 

About his crew:

Pehchaan mein nahi aa rahe the apne hi log (We weren't able to recognise people behind masks) (laughs). They had to take names to introduce themselves, that’s when we could recognise people because of them being in PPE Kits. 



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Reuniting with your friends and colleagues after a long time. How was it?

It was fun to reunite with everyone. This was the first time we went on such a long break so this came as a relief. This year is all about survival and moving ahead keeping precautions in mind. I did not shake hands with anyone on sets, we kept sanitising our hands, but it was all worth it. Everyone was so energised, artists were great. We only missed having a live audience. Many people on Twitter told me they wanted to attend the show as they don’t know it isn’t allowed but hopefully, they will know. I also felt bad and wish things normalise because the experience is very different while we had the audience in the picture. We are hopeful it will be fine. But till then, we are making sure to bring the best of entertainment to the people who love us.  

It was fun to reunite with everyone. We only missed having a live audience

Kapil Sharma

But, weren't you a little scared given that the numbers are only spiking by the day?

Of course, we were a little scared. But we were certain that we need to take care of ourselves. We worry about family back home because we will be going home by the end of the day but I have followed the safety protocol at home. Once I reached home, I first went into the guest room where I took a warm water bath, did gargles and sanitised everything. We are doing whatever we can, rest is up to God. 

How is everyone at home? Ginni, baby Anayra?

Everyone is fine. Anayra was looking at me when I reached home wondering why am I not picking her up. But I avoided it for some time as a safety precaution. 

Anayra looked at me and wondered why was I not holding her immediately after I returned from shoot

Kapil Sharma

We hear that COVID 19 warriors will be gracing the show for a couple of episodes...

Yes, that is the plan. Sonu [Sood] Paji is our first guest. On the first day, we only shot for our gag because we also wanted to get acquainted with the new normal. Then on 21st, we shot with Sonu Sood. 

One of the major segments of your show has always been speaking to fans. Is there an alternative found to ensure the void of live audience is filled?

We are thinking of connecting with the audience via live video. Of course, the feel would be different but we will try something new, for sure. That is the plan, let’s see. We might interact with 3-4 people via live call. 

We are thinking of connecting to our audience via video call but the essence won't be same

Kapil Sharma

What did you miss the most in the last couple of months?

Obviously I have missed the set so much. We are such workaholics, and we enjoy our work so much. We were obviously sad that we couldn’t work for the last four months. Film City is so beautiful right now, it was much more fun. Of course, now we are carrying our own snacks and everything. The kitchen on the set was closed. Nothing from outside was allowed. 

I think one thing is clear during this lockdown for people that they shouldn’t venture out for fun. Only get out when needed, if you can work from home, you should do that.

How did you convince Ginni for this? Was she okay with you resuming shoots?

Ginni was the one to push me to resume shoot. Usi ne toh bheja ki kaam dhandha karo sar kha gaye mera 4 mahine se (laughs). Honestly, I was confused if I should resume work but she is the one who pushed me towards it. I agreed reluctantly knowing she is trusting me. Aur aaj nahi toh kal karna hi hai... aur agar kal bhi aise hi karna hai toh aaj kyun nahi





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Whoever is dependent on you, you should help them

Kapil Sharma

Lastly, the last four months have exposed the vulnerability of low-income groups. How did you ensure to take care of the people who work for you?

People who work with us, we have taken care of them properly. We had 4-5 staff members already in the house who stayed with us, and we had stopped the ones who would visit us for cleaning and all but, of course, we took care of their financial needs then. Whoever is dependent on you, you should help them. Bhagwaan ne agar aapko itna kabil banaya hai toh kyu nahi?