EXCLUSIVE: Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 winner Karishma Tanna: There is a pressure to prove yourself; mom is happiest

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EXCLUSIVE: Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 winner Karishma Tanna: There is a pressure to prove yourself; mom is happiest

Karishma Tanna has been declared as the winner for Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. The show finally saw its finale on Sunday with Karishma and Dharmesh in the top 2, but Karishma outwitted everyone to bag the title. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Karishma revealed why she finally said yes to it, why it was important for her to win, the pressure, whom did she bond with, what scared her the most and shooting in lockdown. Over to her:

Congratulations, firstly! You are the winner of the show. Did the idea of doing the show scare you in the beginning?

You are usually scared because you are in a competition and also there is a pressure to prove yourself. More than getting scared of water or creepy insects, I was more scared thinking whether I would be able to perform well or not. For me, my impression and my image are very important, and if I am not confident, I don’t take up that show. That’s why for so many years, I couldn’t take up the show because I did not know how will I feel or perform under pressure and will react to all these stunts. That’s why I did not take up the show for the longest time, but this time, my mother was like you have to do this, and I did it. I did it well and did a fair job. 

Which stunts were really challenging for you or scared you?

Honestly, I was scared to do all the stunts because I wanted to do all well. So in the simplest stunts too, I was very scared. If you ask me, whenever that creepy-crawly thing came near my body, I was creeped out, not scared. 


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Whom did you bond with the most?

Not being diplomatic, but I had fun with everyone. Everyone had their own element which they brought and we had fun. Karan had his own wit. Tejasswi added a different flavour. Shivin would click all my pictures. Amruta was our bhai. So every bond was different. I was glad to get this batch of contestants group because everyone was happy-go-lucky types, did not let jealousy reek, I liked it. I was very comfortable here. 

Your mom must be happiest.

Of course, I have worked hard but it is also my mother’s blessings. She really wanted me to win. I can vouch that my mother mustn’t have prayed so much for a guy in my life than she has for this win. I tease my mom, ‘itni shiddat se mere liye film maangi hoti ya ladka maanga hota toh shayad mil bhi jaati’ (laughs).

During the lockdown and post-Unlock 1, there is still a lot of cases we see for COVID 19. How did you keep your sanity throughout?

We have to keep pulling ourselves up and talk to ourselves to keep our sanity. Otherwise, it will be madness. As artists, we are so used to not being at home and working, so it does become difficult but I am lucky, I have my mother and my pet to keep me sane.


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