EXCLUSIVE: Mahira Sharma on contestants re entering in Bigg Boss 14 post eviction: This trend isn’t acceptable

Mahira Sharma was among the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13. While talking to Pinkvilla, the actress recently revealed who she finds as the most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 14.
EXCLUSIVE: Mahira Sharma on contestants re entering in Bigg Boss 14 post eviction: This trend isn’t acceptable
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Mahira Sharma has become a household name ever since she participated in Bigg Boss 13. Be it her bold attitude inside the house or her equation with Paras Chhabra, everything about Mahira’s journey in the house made the headlines. In fact, she even emerged as one of the strongest contestants of the house and even had her shot to fame post her stint. And now that Bigg Boss is in its 14th season, Mahira, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, has shared her views about the ongoing season and revealed the most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 14.

This isn’t all. The lady also opened up on the ongoing trend of contestants re-entering the house post their elimination and also stated that it isn’t acceptable. Furthermore, Mahira also stated that she feels that Bigg Boss 13 was the best season. This isn’t all. She also opened up on her proximity with Paras and the endless rumours about their love affair and stated that they don’t let it affect their friendship.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

You were one of the strongest and most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13. What do you think has changed in the current season?

I have not been following the current season as such for me to comment. As per popularity-wise is concerned our season was the best season, every contestant had their individual personality and was unique in their own way.

While some of the contestants have exited and then re-entered the show, what do have to say of the new trend on Bigg Boss?

This trend is not acceptable as per the format of the show. The audience connects with someone for the long term, thinking them to be in the race of winning the trophy. In mid of leaving and re-entering the show, audience connection gets lost. So I love my season and I am not in for this trend.

Who do you think is the most entertaining contestant in this season?

Rakhi Sawant is the most entertaining person in the house. I have seen some of her show clips and I feel she is truly entertaining.

Aly Goni was seen tweeting a lot about your game last year. What’s your take on this game in Bigg Boss 14?

I just them good luck for their future

Do you think the pandemic took a toll on your stardom post Bigg Boss 13 given that it was one of the most successful seasons of the show?

Not at all, I am thankful to Bigg Boss our stardom continues. We have been doing the maximum amount of work during this lockdown. I am thankful to God that I have got this opportunity and popularity is increasing day by day.

Your equation with Paras Chhabra has always been the talk of the town. While it has also led to your link-up rumours, do you think it has affected your friendship?

We don’t let any rumours affect us. Friendship is the most important relationship in my life and I have a great great friendship with him and it will continue to be.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

BB 11 wale bhi pehle yahi bolte the ki, "our season was the best season".