EXCLUSIVE: Mohena Kumari Singh on battling coronavirus: You'll have negative thoughts, anxiety but communicate

Mohena Kumari Singh, who was recently tested negative for COVID 19, opens up on her battle against the highly contagious virus.
EXCLUSIVE: Mohena Kumari Singh on battling coronavirus: You'll have negative thoughts, anxiety but communicate
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Mohena Kumari Singh, who received lots of love as Kirti in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, recently shocked everyone when she revealed that she along with her family had tested coronavirus positive. But in good news, they have all recovered well and are currently at home. In an exclusive chat, Mohena opened up on her battle with coronavirus, how it is more about being positive and dealing with anxiety. She also revealed the dos and don'ts she followed during this testing time.

Revealing how the first few days were sort of difficult, Mohena shared that they felt shaken when they realised they have been tested coronavirus positive but more than physical, it was the mental pressure. "It is just that when you hear that you have got exposed to the virus, you just feel shaken. The night before we were to take the test, we felt the anxiousness. Going into it, physically, I had body ache for three-four days, I had intense pain and was unbearable. Also, my mother in laws fever was going up and was high, I just feel it is mental khel because you keep thinking what will happen now. But it can be tricky for old people."

She emphasized that it is essential for all of us to be "Selfless" instead of being "Selfish" in our approach. "Be selfless instead of being selfish. That’s what we all did. We put our stress into taking care of our people," she revealed.

How did they keep the spirit of the family members high because regardless of how strong you are, one tends to feel low in such situations? "We used to just peak from our doors and just ask each other if we are fine. It was not to break rules or anything.  You get low, you are going to get low at some point, everybody will get into depression zone, but you have identified that. What happens with depression is that it is like the black hole which sucks you in. It is your prerogative to get out of it. You can only do it by realizing you are getting sucked."

She further shared that she had anxiety on the 9th or 10th day but she held on to husband Suyash Rawat and communicated with him which helped her. "On the 9th ot 10th day, it was getting too much. What really helped was my husband. I had a lot of anxiety on those days but I just held his hands and stood and took positive energy from him," she recounted.

She shared that communication is imperative at such a point and that one should not shut themselves up. "Also, communication is important because keeping. Everybody is different. If you keep things within you, you become a heavy person and keep suppressing. You need to keep energies going."

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Anonymous 7 months ago

Sorry failed to understand, if one is under isolation, how could one communicate? Are mobiles allowed in isolation wards to speak to family members. Please speak of your own actual experience rather than known philosophy!

Anonymous 7 months ago

People can have their electronic devices with them in the hospital if they choose. Why would they not. These items can be disinfected too. People in America use iPads/cell phones and FaceTime daily to communicate with family. Are you speaking from inexperience. Plus if you are home there is text phone iPad or computer. Most people have at least one modality of communication.