EXCLUSIVE: Mohit Malik on Lockdown Ki Love Story, having early time slot, financial uncertainty amid pandemic

Updated on Sep 01, 2020 05:44 AM IST  |  1.7M
EXCLUSIVE: Mohit Malik on Lockdown Ki Love Story, having early time slot, financial uncertainty amid pandemic
EXCLUSIVE: Mohit Malik on Lockdown Ki Love Story, having early time slot, financial uncertainty amid pandemic

After a successful stint on Kullfi Kumar Bajewala, Mohit Malik is back with Lockdown Ki Love Story which airs starting tonight. The show has taken an early time slot of 7 PM and will revolve around two starkly different families and their quirks amid pandemic. Mohit Malik is paired alongside Sana Sayyad in the show. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla,  Mohit talks about his character, shooting in the times of pandemic, if he felt any uncertainty as well during the lockdown and more. Over to him. 

Tell us about the concept of Lockdown Ki Love Story? 

Lockdown Ki Lovestory is a refreshing, fun filled, lighthearted and funny drama based on a couple's marriage turmoil amidst the lockdown. The concept is lovely and something new which has been experimented with for the first time ever. The show will make you cry, laugh, love and just feel good, which is the best part about it. 

Tell us about your character in the show? 

I play the character of Dhruv, a desi banker from Allahabad. A romantic at heart and an honest and calm and composed guy who is always willing to do anything for his family and the one he loves. This role is going to be more of a personal journey for me in many ways, as Dhruv's strengths are my weaknesses, which I really hope to conquer and abide in myself throughout the journey of the show and portraying the character.  

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Does the early time slot worry you for the show?

The show has a great concept, great content, it's definitely going to keep viewers entertained and at the edge of their seats at all times, so the time slot is not much of a worry for me to be honest. 



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How does it feel playing a romantic in the show this time? 

Romance is a genre I have not worked on before, so I am very excited to be playing a romantic this time. It's been quite fun already, and exploring this new genre is turning out to be great! 

How different was it to shoot through the pandemic scare?

The feeling of getting back to shoot after a long gap was honestly great. Yes the pandemic scare was and still is present, but we are following all necessary safety measures and protocols on set, ensuring that not only us but those around us are safe as well, so shooting for the show has been quite smooth till now.

Financial struggles were felt by most people during the lockdown period, did you feel uncertainty as well?

I think each of us including me has felt uncertain and uneasy in someway or the other through the lockdown. Be it about health or money or work or family, each of these aspects has definitely been a topic of concern for everybody through this phase. But all I focussed on was the positives, and keeping myself as calm and composed and filled with hope as much as I could, and that was what helped me cope with the entire phase in a much better manner. 

When Kulfi went off air after a good run, did the decision upset you?

Kulfi had a great run, and the best part of the show was the way it touched so many hearts in the most beautiful way possible. It ended on a good note as well, so I feel it was all in all a perfect package of everything.


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