EXCLUSIVE: NCB confirms Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa's staff is being questioned after couple's arrest

8 months ago  |  1.6M

Hours after comedian Bharti Singh's arrest, her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau in a drugs case. As per reports, the couple were found in possession of marijuana when the NCB raided their apartment on Saturday. Now, they have been arrested and were snapped being escorted by the NCB on Sunday morning. Sameer Wankhede, Zonal NCB director confirmed to Pinkvilla that after the couple's arrest, their staff is also being questioned. 

He revealed that quite a few people are under the scanner as part of the NCB's drug Bollywood nexus probe. Speaking to Pinkvilla, Wankhede said, "There are some people who are being looked at and members of her staff are also being investigated and questioned by the NCB." 

During her interrogation, the comedian and television host even reportedly admitted to consumption of marijuana. After almost 15 hours of interrogation, Bharti and Haarsh were seen exiting the NCB office on Sunday morning. The anti-drug agency revealed that the her house staff are being examined in the case to get to the source of the supplier.

Bharti is considered to be one of the highest paid comedian actors in television as she earns about Rs 5 to 6 lakh per episode. At present, she is hosting India's Best Dancer with husband Haarsh. Bharti is also a part of The Kapil Sharma Show which pays her a handsome amount. Back in 2018, Forbes India had listed Bharti on the 74th position with annual earnings of Rs 13 crore and as per reports her net worth had grown to Rs 22 crore per year.

Click here to see Bharti and Haarsh's latest photos exiting the NCB office. 


Anonymous : what happened to arresting the bigger fish-deepika, Sara, rakulpreet and the queen rhea?
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Why ncb didn't arrest Jaya Saha and deepika 's manager ??? I think drug supplying is crime and drug consumption is a choice..... Don't involve sadhu's here and be mean . Simply by targetting other people one can't hide his practice.....
REPLY 4 8 months ago
Anonymous : NCB is wasting time with these small quantity interrogations. Why don't they investigate the drug mafia instead. Seems like they dont have much to do so keeping themselves busy.
REPLY 19 8 months ago
Anonymous : Be it small or big at least they are doing something ....and by the way big people name came only after they arrested peddlars . The thing is that peddlars are not celebrity that their name will come to us nor we can recognise .... Aur haan agar bharti jaise aur bollywood ke logon ke paas 80 grm bhi drug hua toh usse bohut sara drug mil sakta h toh isse small amount na samjhe.. yeh kg mein bhi ja sakta h agar aur logo ke ghar bhi raid ho ....so stop teaching ncb its work
REPLY 1 8 months ago
Anonymous : Why don't u stop hiding behind anonymity
REPLY 0 8 months ago
Anonymous : why are you hiding yourself then?? Don't be mean here .Pinkvilla is platform for anonymous comment .So don't question identity here . Okkk
REPLY 0 7 months ago
Anonymous : waste of resources. While the west is legalizing, India is now banning something from pre-Aryan India to now.
REPLY 10 8 months ago
Anonymous : Wrong is wrong... Stop getting personal... NCB are doing their job.... And Good job...
REPLY 5 8 months ago
Anonymous : Than half of the Goan Tourists will be jail? Baga, Calungute and Anjuna are full of druggies.
REPLY 15 8 months ago
Anonymous : don't understand why target sadhus at kumbh mela?? are they role models endorsing products, being invited to speak on public forums, seminars.
REPLY 12 8 months ago
Anonymous : So you mean only role models should have discipline in life but not the common people.. ??
REPLY 8 8 months ago
Anonymous : That’s wat cheapos do!target other religions wen ever they get a chance!even if it makes sense or no!
REPLY 7 8 months ago
Anonymous : Bharti Singh is ur role model? Lol
REPLY 1 8 months ago
Anonymous : unfair to arrest the small fry-arrest deepika and other big wigs
REPLY 7 8 months ago
Anonymous : Why do you think that deepika is a big catch ?? Just because she is an actress ? And what about catching the distributors who are selling it to them ?
REPLY 13 8 months ago
Anonymous : Deepika is not a druggie. Period
REPLY 7 8 months ago
Anonymous : Since when consumption of ganja is crime? Nicely framed them because they made skits on Arnab !! Bha re India. Why not going to kumbh or banaras!! Sadhus continuously consumed ganja. Why different rules? Kapil show earn highest TRp. Nice move.
REPLY 14 8 months ago
Anonymous : as of today, Arnab has limited influence in such matters
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : Yah left right and centre always target the Hindus!Ganja or no No body goes on killing n bombing sprees during Kumbh mela n nobody is thought to hack other religious followers to death so wen ppl who come from such a-religion can b spared then they commenting on others is HaHaHa pv post it’s not ok to go demeaning Hindu ways just for the sake of commenting
REPLY 5 8 months ago
Anonymous : Yes!!! Wat ever happens blame BJP that’s the new bwood game!Arnab is not even in the scene
REPLY 5 8 months ago
Anonymous : Bha first worry bout ur country re then u can comment bout India.
REPLY 3 8 months ago