EXCLUSIVE: Nia Sharma: I know I am a below average looking girl; Whether I am dusky or brown, don't care

Nia Sharma, in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, opened up breaking the norms with her style, trolls, being called names and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Nia Sharma: I know I am a below average looking girl; Whether I am dusky or brown, don't care
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Nia Sharma, who will soon be entering the Naagin world, recently had a hearty chat with Pinkvilla wherein she spoke about everything under the sun from trolls to being called 'ugly' by a Twitter user or her journey and more. Nia did not mince her words and made sure to leave us stunned with her raw answers. While speaking about breaking the norms with her style, Nia said that she never "tried" to break rules, it is just her choice is unconventional.

"I have never tried to break rules or never tried to go against what is considered to be conventional. It is just that I keep thinking about it all the time, it is just my choices are like that and I feel good about it," Nia said and also elaborated on the recent troll that called her 'ugly and overrated.' She said, "Two years back, I was getting trolled at every little thing I did, be it sporting a blue lipstick or my bikini; now it has become less in fact. When someone calls me 'ugly or overrated', I accept it; they are not saying anything wrong. What is so offending in this? I can't have people praising me all the time. So when people tell me I am ugly, I understand, they are right but I only corrected that person that I don't have a PR."

When asked if being this candid ever makes her fear what people would think about her or misunderstand her, Nia replied, "They have. But then they only say that I am very upfront and to the face. I don't understand what is being rude. The thing is I say 'no' a lot, and people here are not used to listening to 'NO'. I like to put my point across and that's it. There has never been a time when I have for no reason shouted at anyone. It haunts me."

What makes her this confident? To this, Nia bravely shared, "It stems from the mirror at my home. When I see it, I know I am a below-average looking girl and I accept that face. But you know what I was never this confident but I have grown to be confident with my skin in this industry. I have made my weaknesses my strength. Like I have scanty hair, I don't have a huge volume but then I chose hairstyles which would go on my hair. I worked a lot on my face and skin and got treated and that is all that matters. Whether I am dusky or brown, I don't care. I never went to my doctor and said that I want to be "fair" and never told them to fill my 'dark circles". Once I wanted to actually but then I thought I could just be okay with makeup. I realised there is no feature in me which I would like to change. I am okay with myself."

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