EXCLUSIVE: Poor TRP terminates Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum extension

Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum was expected to be blockbuster like its previous season, however, poor TRPs surprised the makers and the channel. The show returned to the screens after nine years.
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Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum returned with a bang after a gap of nine years. Naturally, the expectations from the show were high. Contradictory to the expectations, the show's TRPs have been low much to the surprise of the makers and the channel.

Interestingly, when the channel decided to revive the show after 9 years, the team was open to extending the show based on its performance. And given Salman Khan's popularity as a host on the television, the team was quite sure about this. However, things didn't work in their favour and the extension of the show has now been called off.

Reveals a source, "The team was earlier planning to extend the show by a few episodes. But the dwindling TRPs has changed their mind. Now it will end as per the scheduled date. There are a few rumours that KBC will be replacing the show on Sony. That is not yet decided. Since Mr. Bachchan hasn't chalked out his dates for the same. It can be KBC or it can be some other show too."

Adds another source close to the production house, "Salman Khan is yet to shoot for 6-7 episodes of Dus Ka Dum. He returns from his Dabangg tour this weekend and is scheduled to shoot with us on Monday. As per the contract, he will have to finish the decided number of episodes. Which celebrity will be coming for the shoot will be decided only on Sunday, once the shooting schedule is finalized."


Now whose laughing??

Hi Ranbirrruuuuuu!!!

The show format is a little ehhhh but watching salman interact with aunties is the cutest!

He needs to kick Katrina out of his life. When he was dating her, he was giving flop after flop. Then when she hooked up with RK, his career went down the drain while Salman started giving BBs. Now that RK is free of her, he is back in the game big time and Salman is flopping badly. Just let go of Katrina Kaif for good or else you are doomed.

So HAPPY for RK..this is what happens when KATRINA is in your life Salman...good riddance Rk

It is a good show.

Salman's doom is beginning. You can't fool audience everytime. Rickshaw pullers have also enhanced taste now

Haha! Serves you right you tv producers. While the rest of the country was waiting for him to be thrown into jail for his crimes, you all were waiting for him to come back and work on your show for TRP. KARMA!!

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