EXCLUSIVE: Ranju Ki Betiyaan’s Reena Kapoor shares her shooting experience: I was craving to do strong role

Actress Reena Kapoor is playing the lead role in the serial. She believes the serial will try to break the stigma which continues in our society. The actress gets candid about her new role.
EXCLUSIVE: Ranju Ki Betiyaan’s Reena Kapoor shares her shooting experience: I was craving to do strong role
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Dangal Television’s new show titled Ranju Ki Betiyaan has been entertaining the audience from day one. The show which showcases the journey of a woman filled with emotions, empathy and introspection is keeping viewers glued to the television screen. The lead role is played by actress Reena Kapoor. She has also been part of the hit serial ‘Woh Rehne Wali Mehlo Ki’. Reena Kapoor talked about her character and her comeback on the television in a recent interaction. She also revealed her decision of doing Ranju Ki Betiyaan and shooting in new normal.

When asked about shooting in new normal, she said, “Initially was very scared considering COVID hasn’t gone but when I heard about Ranju’s character, I couldn’t care and told myself that this is something I definitely wanted to play. I couldn’t let this opportunity go off my hand. It is too brilliant a character. After doing Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, I was craving to do something strong and powerful. I did not want to simply play someone’s mother. So, when I heard this role, I got goosebumps and I was like COVID or no COVID, I was definitely going to do this and here I am.”

Talking about her role, Reena said, “Ranju is a strong single mother. She is a single parent who is raising her 4 daughters in a society that believes that daughters are a burden, there’s the entire dowry factor, then they eventually leave the house and so they aren’t of any help to the old parents, and that sons are everything. This is basically the thought that exists in villages and backward-thinking society. And Ranju is breaking exactly this stereotypical thinking. She has struggled a lot in her life, she was very young, and uneducated due to which she had to struggle her entire life. This is exactly why she is raising her 4 daughters with the thought that she does not want them to struggle as much as she has had to and is hence giving them the education to become independent. It is her mission in life to give them a life where they don’t have to struggle and can move forward in life along with the men in the society which Ranju wasn’t able to do.”

Reena spent her lockdown days with her in-laws in Delhi. “We have a joint family there with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. And since it was a lockdown, there were no help or maids. So I did a lot of kitchen work during this time. I have literally not done so much kitchen work during my entire life. I feel it was different learning,” she added.

The show is about a woman name Ranju who has 4 daughters. All of them are completely different from one another. All the 4 daughters are doing things that one would think that only men can do in terms of jobs. Ranju is trying to educate her daughters with jobs that are mainly associated with ones that otherwise only men can do.

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