EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik gets candid about her best Valentine's Day with Abhinav Shukla

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Rubina Dilaik talked about her best Valentine's Day memory with Abhinav Shukla and life post marriage.
EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik gets candid about her best Valentine's Day with Abhinav ShuklaEXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik gets candid about her best Valentine's Day with Abhinav Shukla
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Last year, one of TV's most stunning couples, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla got married on June 21. After dating for a few years, Rubina and Abhinav took nuptial vows in a dreamy wedding in Shimla. Their wedding pictures made everyone fall in love with them. As a married couple, this will be Rubina and Abhinav's first Valentine's Day. However, the couple will not be celebrating the day, but still, it will be a special one for them.
In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, we asked Rubina Dilaik about the Valentine's Day plans for this year. The actress said, "This year's Valentine's Day would be very special for us because we are releasing our first ever musical travelogue that we have shot together as a team. We intend to release it on February 14 on my YouTube channel. Because I am out for my outdoor schedule and Abhinav is in Mumbai, we would not be able to celebrate it together. The greater joy is that our project together will be out on 14. Nothing can beat that feeling."
Ask her about the best Valentine's Day memory, Rubina shared, "My best Valentine's Day memory is of last year when Abhinav took me to a very beautiful wellness Spa. It's in the outskirts of Maharashtra; it has a humongous 600-acre property which has its own cattle-farming, organic farming, fishing and has a huge ranch. The property also has its archaeological caves in them and it has a shooting range and a lot of activities to do. So, he took me to this place and those two days were so full of activities. We just enjoyed our days creating memories through different things and that remains the best Valentine memory so far."
It has been 8 months to Rubina and Abhinav's wedding. So how has life changed for the couple? When asked about it and the meaning of love to her, Rubina Dilaik stated, "Well, nothing drastic has changed post marriage. I would say the responsibility factor has definitely increased and that too, we voluntarily take up the responsibility towards each other and each other's family. For us, the meaning of love has always been understanding and respecting each other and which remains the same. It definitely grows with spending time with each other."
She added, "We are on this journey of growing together. Every distance that we march ahead together, every curve that we take together is a new and a learning experience. It is extremely invigorating and I am looking forward to spending, enjoying and evolving in this journey which is called life with him and explore so many different things that are filled with passion for both of us." 

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