EXCLUSIVE: Sana Khan has THIS to say about Melvin Louis’ ‘you mocked my race’ comment; Watch Video

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Sana Khan opened up on Melvin Louis’ comment alleging she mocked his race. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Sana Khan has THIS to say about Melvin Louis’ ‘you mocked my race’ comment; Watch Video EXCLUSIVE: Sana Khan has THIS to say about Melvin Louis’ ‘you mocked my race’ comment; Watch Video
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Sana Khan has made it a point to hit back at Melvin Louis when she has accused of cheating and being violent with her during the time they were in a relationship. Sana has been unabashedly honest and has been unfiltered as she revealed many details alleging Melvin of being physically violent, molesting girls and drugging some in process. Not just that, She also reacted to a recording Melvin shared on social media wherein Sana and he are seen having fight. 

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Sana, in particular, reacted to Melvin using hashtags like #MenAreAlsoVictims, #YouMockedMyRace. Replying to it, Sana said, “By race, I assume he means colour. I think when I started dating him, he was the same colour. It was not like he was of my colour and suddenly he burnt out. It is not that like he has transformed suddenly. He was always like this.” She later went on to say that he is only using these tools to divert attention and gain sympathy. 

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Sana also opened up on if she will be taking any legal action again Melvin given she has proofs against him. To this, Sana said that she will definitely think about it. She knows the laws. Also, she added that she has spoken to other women who have allegedly been a victim of Melvin’s means and they are all ready to voice their ordeals if need be. She even revealed that Melvin made a small girl pregnant as well. 

Watch the exclusive conversation here: 

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The fact that he recorded their conversation without her consent shows he is a creep. Decent men don't record you and don't release private info to public. This is the similar tactic of "revenge porn". Men with history of toxic behaviour use shady tools to record their victims in the end so they can show others how "crazy" the ex-partners are in the aftermath of their abuse.

Adaalat mein log proof dekhte hai! And to get a proof u need to collect one. If he said he is going to record her, do you think she would have accepted the stuff she said on the tape. In that case if someone is being harassed and it gets taped, but ohh wait we should first ask the permission from the harasser to record it.
Own up to your mistakes and I being a woman don’t support this. If that guy has made a mistake go to the law, not instagram. You need justice, go to the law and not make IG stories. And yes I am aware law takes time, but atleast you started somewhere, instead of posting these allegations to stay in news.

His interview on YouTube is totally emotionless and pointless , whereas Sana was clear and detailed . I don’t believe Melvin

sana has mocked her personal life by making it full blown drama on social media and then these people act to prevent their privacy. we all go through heart breaks but do not make it a social issue blown up so aloud, hate to say but she is seeking attention here.

Recording ones partner is cheap and shady ! Its like breaking trust

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