EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh REVEALS when he knew Ruchikaa Kapoor was the 'one' for him: It felt perfect

In an exclusive and candid chat with Pinkvilla, Shaheer Sheikh spilled the beans about his marriage with Ruchikaa Kapoor, his love life, and his camaraderie with wifey. The actor revealed when he came to know that Ruchikaa was the one for him.
EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh REVEALS when he knew Ruchikaa Kapoor was the 'one' for him: It felt perfect
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Shaheer Sheikh left everyone 'stunned' when he revealed about his marriage to Ruchikaa Kapoor. He tied the knot with ladylove Ruchikaa in a court marriage. His intimate wedding ceremony left not his fans, but his peers and friends surprised. The newlyweds made their wedding official with loving posts on social media in November. Ever since then, Shaheer has been pleasing fans with glimpses of some beautiful moments with Ruchikaa. 

The actor had also teased fans earlier that he will reveal his love story with Ruchikaa soon. So, when we at Pinkvilla got in an exclusive chat with Shaheer recently, we did not miss the chance to ask him about his married life. We asked Shaheer how and when he knew that Ruchikaa is the 'one' for hin, and he must take this relationship to the next level. The actor very candidly revealed about their trips together, as both are big travel enthusiasts. Shaheer expressed that he can be 'himself' in front of Ruchikaa, and that's the best part. 

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Spilling the beans about he learnt Ruchikaa is the 'love of his life,' Shaheer shared, "So, we travelled together. Generally, you feel like you can go mad, you can have fun, only when your friends are there, not with your partner. You think of fun, you think of your friends. But, even if we go to a hospital for a regular check-up we are crazy together, we are crazy together. So I felt like this is the right combination, I can be myself and I can have fun.' 

He continued, "People who know me, know the kind of person I am. For the world, I'm this person who keeps to himself and keeps quiet and someone who doesn’t really express. But, people who know, me who are good friends, know I am a mad man. I am a person driven by my emotions so I go crazy sometimes. So I can be that in front of her, I can be myself. During those trips, I realized yes, this is it. It felt perfect." 

Check out Shaheer's full interview here: 

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