EXCLUSIVE: Sharad Malhotra REVEALS why he decided to take the plunge with Ripci says 'can't keep running away'

Sharad Malhotra, in an exclusive interview with PINKVILLA, opened up about taking the plunge with Ripci Bhatia. The two recently got married in twin wedding ceremonies over the weekend. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Sharad Malhotra REVEALS why he decided to take the plunge with Ripci says 'can't keep running away'EXCLUSIVE: Sharad Malhotra REVEALS why he decided to take the plunge with Ripci says 'can't keep running away'
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The latest Television actor to take the plunge is Sharad Malhotra, who is currently playing the lead role in Muskaan. The actor got hitched to Ripci Bhatia, who is a fashion designer. Sharad got hitched to Ripci in twin wedding ceremonies over the weekend on April 21, 2019. The duo looked their best for their wedding functions and we couldn't stop adoring how perfect they looked with each other. In a first exclusive interview post wedding, Sharad spoke to Pinkvilla on why he finally decided to take the plunge. 

Time and again Sharad had in many interviews reiterated that he is marriage phobic, hence we asked Sharad what convinced him for marriage. How did he finally let go of the inhibitions? "I had mentioned last year that marriage is not my cup of tea. I was always marriage phobic, I have mentioned this earlier that as a lot of my cousins and close people have had bad marriages, so when you see that, it really affects you. I have seen people getting into marriage and fall out of it. It is scary. Having said that, we as Indians, we wish or we don't, marriage is somewhat mandatory. It will always be like that, the kind of upbringing we have had, it is like in the basic culture that you have to marry, come what way."

He then added that given that marriage is somewhat a compulsion, he had to convince himself and it wasn't easy. "Obviously it wasn't easy. It was like sitting down, talking with myself and telling myself that maybe other people around me haven't had good marriages but that doesn't apply to me as well. That doesn't imply that my marriage won't work or will have problems. Every marriage has problems, having said that, I was trying to evade the topic of marriage for the longest time," and continued, "However. a couple of months back, I just told myself that I can't keep running away from this. Also, I come from a traditional Punjabi family and my parents would like me to get married so honestly, it was just a random thought which came to my head. That is when I decided that whatever happens, happens and so I took the plunge."


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Opening up on how his decision to get married shocked everyone, Sharad exclaimed, "I found this beautiful girl Ripci and then the families met, and everything worked out. Everything happened in a matter six months. Everyone was shocked because they thought I would be bachelor for life. My extended families were also shocked. I think you can't plan the best things in your life. Every time I plan something, I fail miserably, so this time there was no planning."

We wish Sharad, a very happy married life!



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What a horrible way to get married! I feel bad for his poor wife. He keeps talking about he had to convince himself and self talk ! There is no mention of how much he loves his wife or how amazing he finds her and wants to share his life with her!

What did he just say?!!!

I’ve never seen any of his shows

One is airing right now in star Bharat mon-sat 9.30 muskaan

Divyanka and another lady are lucky to escape from this narcissist...


Wow talk abt being full of yourself.. what a looser:(

Actually Ripci and I share the same birthday... 24th Nov (Saggitarius) while Ssharad and my ex mona-punjabi are Capricorn.Im not that superstitious but I do believe a little in zodiac signs... My ex (infact Capricorn guys) tend to be narcissist... For them, its important to show the world that everything is perfect while internally nothing maybe right with his gf or spouse... Infact these guys tend to be self-obsessed and would have a string of past ex-lovers whom he may have promised to marry initially but end up cheating and ditching later. The same happened with me... My ex made me visit his parents, made me spent the whole winter month with his family, convinced me that he would marry me despite our differences in culture and religion... However,he cheated on me with his colleague, never said sorry, had collection of photos of his ex-gfs on his phone, had contact with all his exes in FB and his phone... Even one of his ex warned me not to be with him because he had wrecked her life too. Still I chose to not believe her and continued to love him with all my heart and I forgave him and did everything I could,even to the extent of losing my independent nature and self-love,only to get dumped in the end with him saying I was beautiful and wife-material but he cannot marry me and was with me just for fun and will only marry a beautiful punjaban his dad will find for him. How evil! I later came to know through zodiac that a Saggitarius and a Capricorn are never compatible! He wrecked my life to the extent of becoming sucidal and taking anti-depressants... By God's grace Im a strong woman today! But i still dont believe in love anymore!

Absolutely, you are right but a lot of evil is said about saggitarians also ! They are true to themselves only ...especially girls are highly flirty with no loyalty towards anyone ever...they live in the moment and have fun with whoever person they are with..also it takes a sagg only few days to completely forget her ex

If this article was supposed to make him look good.... it just did the opposite.

Ripci and sharad match match made in heaven

Lol, perfect reason to get married.
Shakkal se nikamba lagta hai ye toh.

This guy looks so horrible. Divyank is lucky girl

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