EXCLUSIVE - Shilpa Shinde confirms withdrawing case against Bhabi Ji... producer; READ ON

Shilpa Shinde opens up about withdrawing the sexual harassment case which she had filed against Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer. While talking to us, she said that she has finally decided to move on now.
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Shilpa Shinde has today become a household name with her stint on Bigg Boss 11 where she emerged as the ultimate winner. The actor was earlier in the news after she had filed an FIR alleging sexual harassment by her former show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Sanjay Kohli. 

In a surprising move today, Shinde has decided to withdraw the case. When we contacted Shilpa, she confirmed the news to us and explained that she has now finally decided to move on. 

"After that (the case), a lot of people called me, the producers and even artists, although the surprising part is that when I was in trouble no one took an initiative to solve this problem but this time they came to me and said to finish things up," Shilpa said while adding, "CINTAA had not given me payment for the three months I worked, so I got that, they said finish it off na... so I said fine... who likes to stretch things? 'Ulta chor kotwal ko daante toh nahi ho sakta na'... They had demanded Rs 12.5 crore from me then, the entire artists association was against me... CINTAA member Sushant Singh had issued a letter stating that I am unprofessional. If someone takes a stand this is how they get treated. Ultimately, I decided to let it go."

Shilpa further added that despite all this CINTAA member Sushant Singh is still hell-bent on making her life miserable. "The surprising thing is the case between me and my producer which started in CINTAA is over but CINTAA member Sushant Singh is "haath dhodhke" behind me to make my life miserable."

When asked if her stint on Bigg Boss 11 has helped her gain confidence in herself again after the backlash she had faced, she said, "Definitely, because I couldn't go screaming to everyone that I am not wrong, to those who did not know me. I was never fond of Bigg Boss, in fact, I used to hate that show. I think half of the people used to watch the show on weekends for Salman Khan, I used to do the same... I did not understand much of the game..so I always refused it. But when I was offered this again and Anand ji, who has been a part of the show since the first season, came to me and said that whatever you had to say you already have said it, then why not show your personality on this show. In the house, you won't be able to pretend, he said. That is exactly what happened, whatever you saw of me was the real me. The way people have connected with me is unprecedented, I have been receiving calls from people asking me to work with them... it's like magic in my life."

This is indeed a brave move by Shilpa. 


She must've come to an agreement and got loads of money hence the withdrawal

Good for her, it's easy to say she should have stood the ground but at least not in this country not at this time, maybe with time people will hv more courage to support people who try to fight bk, she fought, now shez made peace, which is fine.

who is this idiot sushant singh? he must be taught lesson.. shilpians..

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