EXCLUSIVE: Surbhi Chandna on Sanjivani 2: Dr Ishani is unlike Annika and that is what made it interesting

In an exclusive chat, Surbhi Chandna, who will next be seen in Sanjivani 2, opened up on portraying Dr Ishani, how much does she relate to it and more. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Surbhi Chandna on Sanjivani 2: Dr Ishani is unlike Annika and that is what made it interesting
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Sanjivani with Surbhi Chandna in the lead role is making a comeback starting from August 12, 2019. From playing Haya in Qubool Hai to Annika in Ishqbaaaz and now Dr Ishani in Sanjivani 2, Surbhi has had a roller-coaster journey and all credit should be given to her for picking up characters and making them her own with her immense passion and determination. Her journey to stardom hasn't been a smooth ride, but the actress has taken every criticism in her stride and is now all set for another ride with Sanjivani. 

While Ishqbaaaz saw her play a rather 'jugaadu' and 'khidkitod' character, Ishani is more grounded and righteous, Surbhi exclaims. In an exclusive chat, the actress opened up on portraying Ishani, how much does she relate to it and more. When asked how different is it to play a professional on-screen rather than a bahu or a wife, Surbhi says, "The idea of choosing Sanjivani was to not get into the zone of playing a character I have played before. There are a lot of important topics and issues that will be taken up in the current Sanjivani, which is something exciting and challenging. Ishani is very righteous and believes in following the rules because of her background. She is also someone who doesn’t like physical proximity so much and is hygiene conscious. The nuances she has are very interesting."

Opening up on her relationship with each character, Surbhi added, "Her equation with everyone is very different, she only looks up to only one person in the hospital, who is Dr Shashank. He is a family friend and she is a girl who doesn’t have parents. She carries a lot of baggage because of her parents and that is why she is so righteous to an extent that watching anybody do wrong frustrates her."


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Isn't this a complete contrast of her character Annika from Ishqbaaaz? Surbhi laughed off saying , "Exactly. I was offered a few other shows which were very interesting but somehow I found they had a lot of similarity to Annika. But when I heard Dr Ishani’s character, she was unlike Annika. She is not so flamboyant; she is not out there; she is very precise with her work and is very righteous. It is hence very difficult sometimes to portray Ishani because I was so outspoken as Annika. I had to calm down and restrain my personal traits because in real life too I am a little energetic. All those points about Ishani made me pick this character."

Letting go of Annika, a character you lived and breathed, must have been difficult? "It was initially but it is been six months and thanks to Sid [producer Siddharth P Malhotra], he organised a nice workshop, where we prepped a lot for the character. Of course, it takes a while to start living the new character, but the on-set prep had been on full swing as every day I discover something new. I am sure I will start living this character soon too and will get it perfectly."


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An actor always puts a part of them in the character they play. How did she manage it with Ishani? Surbhi shared, "There are a very few people with whom I am not very energetic, very carefree since I like my space too. I have that side to me also which not many people know of. There are times when I might like my space; there are times when I don't want to talk, those are the times I relate to Ishani. Also, the writing is so superb, the dialogues are so well written that it makes it easy to relate to her character if you understand the background.

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