EXCLUSIVE: Vijayendra Kumeria talks about doing Naagin 4, working with Nia Sharma & Jasmin Bhasin and more

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EXCLUSIVE: Vijayendra Kumeria talks about doing Naagin 4, working with Nia Sharma & Jasmin Bhasin and more

The Naagin franchise is all set to return with its 4th installment and joining the supernatural show this season will be none other than Nia Sharma, Jasmin Bhasin, and Vijayendra Kumeria. All three of them will be donning the supernatural avatar for the first time and with the first promo featuring them out now, fans have been talking about it. We got in touch with Vijayendra, and he got into a candid chat about the show and everything related to it.

Ask him about the genre being new territory for him, he says "The two factors that it is a huge franchise and it is an Ekta Kapoor show after all is something that did make me say yes to the show. But yes, I have never done a supernatural show before and I always say that you should always take up something that is challenging so you can keep experimenting with yourself. First, this is a new genre and I get to do a lot of new stuff, get to learn a lot,  and I have always heard that such shows are fun to work on. I am really looking forward to it now that I have done the promo and a few scenes. I enjoyed myself while shooting that bit."

Ask him about the response to the promo, he says, "From friends, family, and fans, I have got many messages and everyone is very happy. People from the industry are also calling me to congratulate me, and are telling me this is a milestone in my career, so yeah, I am quite happy and this franchise has always done good, so I hope the 4th season also does good."

Talking about any homework he had to do to take up the role, he says, "See for me, it just happened and within two days we shot for the promo after I did a small look test and I did not get a lot of time to do it. But I do think I need to be physically fit, and luckily I have already been working on my physique. I have gotten my character brief, and I am not someone who prepares a lot and I'll just go there and follow the director's instructions and I am not taking any kind of stress."

Ask him if he feels any kind of pressure, "Honestly, before I shot the promo, I was a little nervous, but once I started shooting, I was enjoying it and did not feel as much pressure. I blindly believe that Ekta Kapoor and Balaji are going to make good content, but I am just going to do my bit and I am sure it is going to be good. I am looking forward to a good opening."

Nia and Jasmin will both be new co-actors to work with, and talking about that, he says, "We have shot for Mahasangam episodes, and so we knew each other from before, hence I am sure these two ladies will be easy to work with. Since we just shot for scenes and did not have proper lines to hit the chemistry already, but yea, it is going to be a process and given they are experienced, mature actors, once we start shooting it is all going to go smooth."

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