EXCLUSIVE: YRKKH's Mohena Singh gets emotional on RiMoRav: 'It literally feels like a breakup'

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Mohena Singh opens up exclusively on her "breakup" with RiMoRav vlog. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: YRKKH's Mohena Singh gets emotional on RiMoRav: 'It literally feels like a breakup'EXCLUSIVE: YRKKH's Mohena Singh gets emotional on RiMoRav: 'It literally feels like a breakup'
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Mohena Kumari Singh is currently going through an emotional state with all the things going wrong with RiMoRav. The actress recently in a video along with Gaurav Wadhwa opened up on the tiff with their third partner Rishi Dev and said that they miss the 'Vamily' too but due to some unexpected turns, things aren't the same for them. Both Mohena and Gaurav had been missing from the channel for quite some time now and they finally opened up on it leaving their fans sad. 

Now, in an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, Mohena expressed her emotional state and said that MoRav is definitely looking up to start something, but right now, they haven't really discussed anything. They are still "reeling" under the effect of what happened. On coming up with something new, Mohena said, "As of now, MoRav are friends. A lot of people and our Vamily has encouraged us to start something new. But as of now, we haven’t thought about it too much. Will people want to watch just the two of us or not. I know that most people want to see the three of us together. Since we suddenly don’t have a platform to meet and talk to our fans, to sort of interact and entertain, maybe something in future. We haven’t discussed as yet but hopefully soon. Right now, we are still in the whole limbo phase of RiMoRav. It literally feels like a breakup."

Did this bitter experience leave them emotional? "Of course, RiMoRav was our channel, our baby, we all made it from scratch and now that it is not a part of us, it is very upsetting. I think about it 24/7 as it is there on our mind. But things happen, people move on and that's the thing we are going to do. We are going to move on. You fall down, you dust yourself off and walk forward," she added. 

Lastly, she revealed what made them open up to fans. "Honestly, when we were quiet for so long, people were saying a lot of negative things. They were saying that you guys are busy; hence, you aren’t coming to the channel and that is so bad of you all. I think the audience knows that even when we were sort of busy, we used to create a bank. We have always made sure that content goes up. As a team, we used to work very well. We used to plan our trips, our travel and other work and make sure the video goes out. People talking negative things as we were busy was not making sense to us. So, that is why we had to open up, if not the entire picture. No hard feelings, only sad feelings."

Mohena will soon be getting married. She was last seen in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. 


Why are u stop doing rimorav vlogs please don't do that

Please rimorav saath me aa jao

Please rimorav saath me aa jao

Please rimorav don't do such things . I am your biggest fan please i am saying besides all the vamily please don't break up we want to see all of you together it is wish of all vamily please fulfill it. I request you

I just love Rimorav and I think that fights often takes place amongst friends but that doesn't mean that you should leave everything or you should break your Friendship....I think You 3 must sought out all things going wrong and get back together and add the magic back to your Friendship and Rimorav vlogs...pls don't upset your fans...pls get back together

Without you rimorav is adhura

Hey..!!..Don't leave Rimorav vlogs...We know how you three enjoyed a lot..and by watching your videos we didn't control our smile..Please don't leave..Come back ...!!

MOHENA Kumari, if it feels like a breakup then why? Not other question, but WHY?! 2.2 million members of Vamily, Season 3, 4, 5,6 what about them?

Yaar dont do this

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