Exes Adaa Khan-Ankit Gera pose for a selfie together at Puja Banerjee-Kunal Verma's engagement

Adaa Khan and Ankit Gera dated for four years.
Adaa Khan,Ankit Gera,Puja Banerjee,Kunal Verma
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Actress Puja Banerjee and Kunal Verma got engaged in the fanciest way possible. The engagement ceremony saw the who's who of telly Ville attend the happy day. What caught our attention was when exes Adaa Khan and Ankit Gera too were spotted under the same roof. The two dated for over four long years before calling it quits, apparently owing to Ankit's two timing affair with his costar Roopa Tyagi. Ankit and Adaa have the same set of friends and often bump into each other and are cordial.

While talking to us at the press conference of Naagin 2, Adaa had spoken her heart out and spilled the beans over why she chooses to stay away from the concept of love! "What I see around today is lot of breakups, divorces and there's no loyalty left. Looking at all of this,I feel it is better to stay single. Rather than getting into a relationship, suffering a heartbreak and ruining your life, I would like to stay single and be happy. Right now I am single and I have closed my doors to love." On probing further, she said, "Now when I see around I find this very common. Almost everyone is having a fling. Even married men are having extra-marital affairs it has become very normal. But for me it was a shock. So I have decided to stay away from it."

Everything in life, whether good or bad teaches you something! Ask Adaa on what the love shattering experience has taught her and she says, "After the heartbreak I have evolved as a person, I have definitely grown as a person. I have learnt my lesson. I have totally changed as a person." She further said, "Today people have flings in the name of friendship. For me when I love someone I would want that relationship to be successful. If again something like this happens it will break me."


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