Bigg Boss 15: With Raqesh Bapat's exit from the show, will you miss watching him & Shamita Shetty? Vote

Updated on Nov 16, 2021 06:23 PM IST  |  137.8K
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With the exit of Raqesh Bapat from the show, will you miss watching the adorable couple? Vote

It is quite evident that weeks in Bigg Boss 15 house can be very surprising. Similar was the previous week where drama and action took the centre stage. This week, the audience witnessed double eviction. The first was of Afsana Khan, as she tried to self-harm, hence, she was asked to leave the house. The second one was of Raqesh Bapat, who was taken out of the house due to health issues. In the weekend episode, it was declared that he was not going to come back and this came as a huge shocker for his ladylove Shamita Shetty, as she clearly was not expecting this.

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat met on Bigg Boss OTT. The duo fell in love inside the house. They were often seen smothering each other with kisses and hugs. The couple made their relationship official after coming out of the OTT house and were also spotted on dates. Shamita later took part in Bigg Boss 15 and was one of the strong contestants. In the house, she was seen missing Raqesh, hence he came for her. They also went on a date that was organized by Bigg Boss.

The duo has a massive fan following on social media. They are called 'ShaRa' out of love by their fans. The fans love the chemistry between them. Hence, the eviction of Raqesh Bapat came as a major blow to them too. The duo shared numerous cute moments inside the Bigg Boss house and Shamita could not control her tears after finding out about Raqesh’s eviction.

We have conducted a poll to determine if you will also miss their beautiful jodi. Vote now.

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