Gauahar Khan to marry beau Zaid Darbar? Latter's father Ismail Darbar spills the beans about couple's wedding

Is wedding on the cards for Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar? Latter's father confirms the couple's marriage and shares details. Here's what he revealed.
Gauahar Khan to marry beau Zaid Darbar Gauahar Khan to marry beau Zaid Darbar? Latter's father Ismail Darbar spills the beans about couple's wedding
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Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar's relationship has been the talk of the town, for quite some time. Fans love to see the duo's romantic pictures on social media, now there's some 'good news' for them. Reportedly, the couple is all set to tie the knot next month, i.e. November. Yes, you read that right! Gauahar and Zaid are reportedly going to exchange nuptial vows in Mumbai soon. 

While the duo has not opened up about their wedding, Zaid's father Ismail Darbar has finally broken his silence on Gauahar and his son's wedding. In a chat with the Times of India, Ismail Darbar has hinted that wedding is on cards for Gauahar and Zaid. He Has also spilled beans about the couple's much-awaited wedding. Ismail Darbar shared that Gauahar had met their family just a few days before she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house. Zaid had brought her home to meet his father Ismail and his stepmom Ayesha. 

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Sharing details of their meeting, Ismail said Gauahar was with them for about 4 hours and they had biryani together. 'If the vibes are not good, I don't think one can sit for more than 4 minutes with anybody in today's times,' stated Ismail ji. He further revealed that his son Zaid told him that they are serious about each other. Ismail ji has no object to Zaid and Gauahar's togetherness. 

However, he advised said about making their bond strong, 'As a father, I did tell him once that she is five (5) years older to him and ensure that this is real love before you take the plunge into matrimony.' Ismail ji added that his son Zaid seemed sure. He also added that he is assured that Gauahar takes good care of Zaid. 'My wife Ayesha has a knack of knowing if a person is genuine after she talks to him/her; she has found Gauahar genuine,' shared Ismail ji. However, he claimed they did not discuss marriage during their meeting.  

But, Ismail Darbar's wife Ayesha jumped in to say, 'We are happy in every decision that Zaid takes.' She added that Zaid has never differentiated between her and his mother. Further, she praised Gauahar and called her a 'sweet girl.' However, she revealed that they have left it on Gauahar and Zaid to decide what they want to do with their lives.

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Ismail ji added that Gauahar had also called him before entering the Bigg Boss 14 house and sought his blessings. 'My blessings are always with her. She has even told me that she will be very happy if I could meet her mother,' said Ismail ji. This means Zaid's parents (Ismail and Ayesha) will have a meeting with Gauahar's mother soon. 

When asked about Gauahar and Zaid's marriage date, which is speculated to be in November or December, Ayesha revealed that they haven't discussed marriage dates yet. 'Look, as Ismail said, we haven't discussed any dates. But yes, if Zaid and Gauahar decide for tomorrow or after six months or even today, we are ready for whatever they want, reiterated Ayesha.  Ismail endorsed Ayesha's word adding 'My happiness lies in their happiness.'

Ask Ismail ji if Gauahar was the Zaid's first girlfriend that he had brought home for a meeting, he opened up about his son's former ladylove. 'We had met his first girlfriend but that marriage didn't happen. Zaid came to me one day and said that they don't think alike in certain matters, said Ismail ji. Further, he said that she (Zaid's former girlfriend) is a nice girl and maybe it was just not meant to be. 

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The Bollywood music director threw light on his marriage and said, 'I guess he (Zaid) has seen what I have gone through in my first marriage and understands things very nicely when it comes to relationships. But today, I am in a very happy space. Ismail ji shared how people used to talk about his and Ayesha's relationship back in the day, but he was sure that Ayesha had no agenda behind their relationship. 

Ayesha also shared that she had four kids (Ismail's kids, 2 sons and 2 daughters, from his first wife Farzana) when she got married and then a fifth one (son) whom she gave birth to. She then understood and realized that she had more responsibilities. So, she decided to prioritise her family ahead of everything."

Lastly, Ayesha also revealed that Ziad was heartbroken after his breakup, but Gauahar helped him out. 'Zaid was quite disappointed after his break-up with Aliya and in fact, Gauahar brought him out of it to a certain extent,' Ayesha concluded. 

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He’s 24 she’s almost 40 but whatever works. let’s be happy for others

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