Hero Gayab Mode On major twist: Shivaay to go against Mahadev for resurrecting Amal Nanda from the dead

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Hero Gayab Mode On major twist: Shivaay to go against Mahadev for resurrecting Amal Nanda from the dead

The recent episodes of the show Hero - Gayab Mode On have come as a surprise for the audience with the death of Veer’s father. The show has been keeping the audience entertained with the excellent acting of the two brothers Siddharth and Abhishek Nigam. The plot of the sci-fi fiction show has taken a major twist as Shivaay pays a visit to Lord Shiva and pleads to make Amal Nanda alive again.

It is shown that Veer (Abhishek Nigam) is shocked to find out that his father has died. Shivaay feels that even though Dansh was a monster, he still had some human feelings. It makes him feel guilty for not trusting Veer and for trying to kill Dansh. 

 Later, Veer and his family will be making preparations for the last rituals of Amal Nanda. 

Shivaay pays a visit to Mahadev and requests him to bring Amal Nanda back to life. Shivji refuses to do as per his request and tells him to not go against the law of nature. Mahadev also warns him of the consequences and the cost he will have to pay for his actions. But Shivaay does not listen to him.

Abhishek Nigam shared in an interview with Pinkvilla, “Veer has always put his best foot forward to save his father but watching him die in front of him breaks his heart. It was a learning experience for me as I shot for this sequence. It provided me with an opportunity to play and explore various emotions at the same time. We hope that the audience keeps showering us with their love and enjoy the various twists and turns that are in store for them.”

Siddharth Nigam also shared his view on the plot, “In the show, viewers will witness Shivaay going through an equally difficult time as he feels guilty for not protecting Dansh. Shivaay is at such a juncture where he will do everything possible to bring Amal Nanda back to life. Although being Mahadev’s biggest devotee, he still decides to stand against him. Stay tuned, the upcoming episodes to enthral viewers like never before.”

It will be seen in the upcoming episodes if Shivaay will be going against the law of nature for resurrecting Amal Nanda.

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