Himansh Kohli supports PM Modi's Coronavirus lockdown extension but worries about the poor and stray animals

Himansh Kohli is all supportive of PM Modi's decision to extend the Coronavirus lockdown, but is also worried about the stray animals. Read on.
Himansh Kohli supports PM Modi's Coronavirus lockdown extension but worries about the poor and stray animals
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By now well all know how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected India. Though the authorities are trying their best, the situations are worsening. So, considering the gravity and intending to prevent the spread of the virus further, PM Narendra Modi extended the country-wide lockdown till May 30. While many of us are going crazy in this stay-at-home phase, some are just surviving with it. However, social distancing is necessary to flatten the COVID-19 curve and control the situation. 

Many actors have come out to spread awareness among the people to fight COVID-19. They are urging them to stay indoors and follow the guidelines. While some actors are bored, others are making the best use of this quarantine time. Actor Himnash Kohli falls in the latter category. He is all supportive of the lockdown extension and is getting all creative during this time. Revealing how he is keeping boredom away, the handsome hunk said, “My routine is both fun and healthy and suits me the best. I will continue watching films, TV shows, playing games such as monopoly, ludo, and counter-strike, checking out social media, and listening to music. 

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Further extending his support to the Government's decision, Himanshi opened up, 'I'm glad that there's an extension of the lockdown. We in India don't know the exact numbers due to the lack of enough public testing. It's not the time to pat our backs for the current measured numbers, it might all be just a myth. So, we have to make sure that we don't take any chances whatsoever. We have faced enough difficulties in the past and I think that we can manage another lockdown, just how we did the first one.'

However, the actor is concerned about the poor people in the country who are facing trouble, and also the stray animals. Urging people to offer help, he said, 'My only concern is for the poor people who don't have the means to reach their homes or any food to eat. We must help everyone we can, through financial donation, or any sort of help. Also, being an animal lover, I'm worried about stray animals in the cities who rely on households and businesses for food. This is the time when we keep survival as a priority, and also give importance to other's life.' 

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