Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar; Actors who took to YouTube amid lockdown to entertain fans with interesting content

Updated on Sep 10, 2020 09:44 AM IST  |  1.8M
Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar; Actors who took to YouTube amid lockdown to entertain fans with interesting content
Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar; Actors who took to YouTube amid lockdown to entertain fans with interesting content

Pinkvilla reader Priyadarshi Shastri suggests the following YouTube channels by Indian Television actors that everyone must check out right now, as they will keep you busy and entertained throughout the year. 

From reel to real, this trend is taking the entertainment industry by storm. Fans are now more interested in knowing what their favorite actors like, how they live, their favorite dishes and more. Celebrities showing their real life, home and family is what fans always find intriguing. With the lockdown, celebs got a chance to indulge in something that can keep them close to their fans - YouTube. From Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar, several well-known faces took to YouTube and opened their channels to entertain and engage fans with 'interesting' content.  

Here's a list of YouTube channels that can keep you entertained and busy throughout this year: 

Hina Khan (YouTube Channel- Hina Khan) 

Hina began her YouTube journey started in 2018, but with the lockdown, she has been very consistent regarding the uploads. Her content includes her skincare routine, DIY face mask, fitness, cooking recipes, and her music videos. The actress' special 'Homemade Aloe Vera cubes' received an overwhelming response from fans. 

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim (YouTube Channel- Dipika Ki Duniya) 

Started in May 2020, Dipika Kakar's channel has achieved the mark of nearly 1 million subscribers within such a short time. Her channel mostly revolves around her cooking experiments, trying different recipes sent by her fans, DIY skincare routines, and décor ideas. The way she transforms a normal task, making it look artistic and authentic, is what makes her stand out from her competitors. With fans' multiple requests and Dipika's motivation, her dotting husband-actor Shoaib Ibrahim also started his own YouTube channel in August.  

Sambhavna Seth (YouTube Channel- Sambhavna Seth Entertainment) 

Sambhavna along with her husband Avinash Diwedi has been doing YouTube for the past 2 years but not many were aware of it. Her perseverance finally paid off when she got 1 million subscribers during the lockdown period. Being an avid Vlogger, she uploads almost every day. From her daily routine to life in lockdown, from cooking to travel, Sambhavna's content gives the offers a huge variety, giving the best of all worlds. A special mention to her dogs - candy, cherry, and coco. Her canine friends have separate fan bases, and they are featured in almost every vlog.

Ratan Raajputh (YouTube Channel-Ratan Raajputh) 

Like many other stars, Ratan began her YouTube channel during the lockdown. Her channel includes her daily routine, cooking, and skincare. Her lockdown story series of being stuck in her village and how she struggled to come back to Mumbai to her flat received positive reviews from the public. She is more of an interactive vlogger, showing her real life and struggles.

Zareen Khan (YouTube Channel-Zareen Khan) 

Zareen ventured on YouTube in the lockdown phase. According to her first video, we will be seeing actual Zareen khan and how she lives her life that includes adventures, fitness, cooking, makeup, and fashion. She has around a decent subscriber count.

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