Hiten Tejwani reveals about getting replaced in a comedy show for not looking "poor enough"

Hiten Tejwani, during an interaction with Hindustan Times, spoke at length about only doing positive roles and not being a part of a comedy show after shooting the pilot episode.
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Hiten Tejwani is considered as one of the most favourite actors of Indian television. The actor has been in the industry for more than 15 years and people watching him on the small screen.
Talking about being a part of the shows playing positive roles, Hiten stated to Hindustan Times, "I usually get offered positive roles in serials but I want to mix things up and play another kind of roles too."
He further said, "I had played a negative role in Choti Bahu and it was appreciated. Because the audience has only seen me portray positive roles, I am cast in roles of an ideal son or an ideal husband in most serials. But most often I am not offered negative roles. I hope with the rise of digital shows, things will change."
Hiten was all set to be a part of a comedy show for which he shot a pilot episode as well. The actor spoke about it saying, "I had done a comedy play post the reality show Bigg Boss and really enjoyed myself. So, I thought doing a comedy show would be interesting. I have not been informed but I heard that they have chosen another guy. I had a word with creative director Swapna Waghmare, who said they want someone who looks a bit gareeb. I didn’t look poor (laughs). I am not interested in the same kind of roles as people have seen me in every possible kind of positive roles in serials. I keep getting offers for TV dramas but I don’t want to pick something and in a few months feel dissatisfied with it. I want to attempt different genres, which is why I wanted to try comedy."


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