‘I will strip you’: Aditya Narayan ABUSES IndiGo staff in this viral video

Aditya Narayan allegedly misbehaved with IndoGo ground staff on Sunday.
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Aditya Narayan, son of Bollywood singer Udit Narayan, allegedly misbehaved with IndiGo ground staff while travelling from Raipur to Mumbai on Sunday when asked to pay excess baggage charges. At one point he threatens to strip the official, who speaks to him in a measured tone right through the footage shared widely on social media today.
In the video going viral, Aditya was seen shouting,’’ "Let me reach Mumbai. If I don't strip you, then my name is not Aditya Narayan.’’

While talking to a leading online portal, an Indigo spokesman said Narayan was scheduled to fly on October 1 with a group of five people carrying excess baggage. The amount to be paid for excess baggage was Rs 13,000. However, he refused to pay more than Rs 10,000 for the excess baggage and also used unparliamentary language with the female staff member.

''While making a video he pointed a finger at the duty manager and again used profanity. When he was politely asked to be civil and not use such language as there were other passengers and female staff members present, he started shouting even louder and used abusive words which we are refraining from mentioning here. He was informed that if he continues to misbehave he will not be allowed to travel," the spokesman added.''

Finally, Narayan and his team were allowed to board the flight but only after he apologised to the ground staff. 

Well, this won’t be the first time that a celebrity has misbehaved with the airport staff. Aditya has been one of the most spoken about the celebrity on the internet today after his rude behaviour at the airport. Here’s how the people reacted on his unruly behaviour:



naam mein aditya aur narayan dono... par attitude kachre jaisa.... wah bhai wah...

who is he ?

He is a rude guy who got put in his place. Period. It's a sad day for his father who is known as a soft-spoken person

Following kapil sharma footsteps.

IndiGo is notorious for being extremely rude themselves. I refuse to believe that Aditya was agitated without being provoked. I once had to pay 24K at Bombay airport for excess baggage. And the process is extremely frustrating. They make you wait for an hour.

Spoilt brat

Not sure of the situation but indigo and spice staff especially women...and this aint misogyny, its personal experience, are extremely rude and disrespectful. He should behaved responsibly, as he is a well known face

Guess he wanted a bit of publicity

ah this guy again! I hope Udit ji will give him a tight slap for such behaviour.

He's only popular because of who his dad is. He needs a reality check.

staying humble doesnt hurt anyone but at the same time i do understand his frustration.. i had to take a domestic flight while in india and the airline staff treated me so horribly. All i was trying to do was wait to get my bag that was passing through security and the female security officer literally used her cane on me gently but in a way like she was trying to hit me with me just to show power. I hate traveling domestically in india the staff is always rude and nasty, so.. sorry i will not blame aditya here completely and take this incident with a grain of salt.

I have flown this airline and they are a HEADACHE!!!! I doubt he said or did anything that I didn't want to do then also!!!

Aww, isn't he the innocent kid who sang about chocolates in Rangeela? The end of innocence. "Strip you"? LOL. Indian men are obsessed with stripping and exerting sexual dominance as a means of humiliation.

Having said that, the staff who work at (esp international)airports are the most miserable, difficult people you encounter during travels.

The situation would have been so different if he used the platform to speak about him being treated badly as opposed to creating a scene.

Not justifying his behaviour but the staff at Indian airports from all national and international airlines are horrible. They treat foreigners way better than Indians as if we are human beings.

Agree about your statement on airport officials , but it's very unlikely they'd treat a celebrity ( even a minor celebrity like him) that way . Am genuinely not being racial here , but as someone who works for the hospitality industry in the UK , some Indians ( obviously not all) , especially those visiting from India can be offensive . They speak loudly & aggressively to the staff , boss them around , loudly demand special treatment ,bargain for discounts ! Then comes the threats " Don't u know who I am ? I can buy this hotel tomorrow ! " . These Indians will never ever pull such a stunt against a local white Brit !

We should wait for his version...I agree he shouldn't have said the stripping bit but some staff working in airports and for different airlines are extortionist and alot of the time you have to bribe them.

This is shot and cut out of context ...Where’s the video of him before he started yelling?

I always thought he was such a nice n well brought up person. But the service industry in India is also maha annoying and sub standard.

This bloke is not even a big star to act like a dipstick ! ( Not that that is a valid excuse for such behaviour ).

I had a flight from Delhi to Dubai n I know how the airport staff behaves.. they start by not giving you the carry on tag before clearing security..they just sit n chat but refuse to give the tag saying they don't have it..n one white foreigner's face became totally red with anger.. we had to plead them to give us a tag as we could even miss our flight..why can't they just make our life easier..!!the video shows just the aftermath..can't believe what is partially edited..

although what aditya said was wrong, don't know if its an ego thing as much as airport frustration. having delt with horrific mumbai airport staff, i was tempted to loose my mind but kept quiet as manners maketh man. its not easy working in hospital, airports.. anything dealing with large number of people.

The video seems a bit edited we never saw what happened before. I will echo as the rest of the comments have mentioned the staff at some airports agitate you to this point. Every time I leave the airport I'm like a what ^&*^&( experience hope I don't have to go back, I have never been wow today was so pleasant what a great experience at the airport. Arnab made it sound like this dude lost his s$*)*) but I have seen worst with celebs (but is he really a celeb??) they treat their PAs worst. The fees no matter what should be transparent not random. Maybe the service industry needs to be able to manage and accomodate all passengers better and they need a training on hospitality.

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