Imlie actor Gaurav Mukesh speaks in favour of open vaccination to avoid emotional & mental stress

Imlie actor Gaurav Mukesh talks about the effect of pandemic and lockdown on common people. He shares the reasons for an open vaccination drive.
Gaurav Mukesh speaks on open vaccination Imlie actor Gaurav Mukesh speaks in favour of open vaccination to avoid emotional & mental stress
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The television show Imlie is at present one of the most popular shows among the audience for its interesting plot and surprising twists. The show comprises talented and popular actors who bring life to their roles. Among them is the remarkable actor Gaurav Mukesh, who is playing the role of Sundar. The actor shared in an interview with Pinkvilla about his view on the vaccination process in India and the stress caused by the process.

The actor shared that he feels that there should be open vaccination for everyone. He feels, “This phase-wise vaccination is affecting people badly and those who are not able to book the slot are going through emotional and mental stress. Believe it or not, people are getting financially affected too because of this.” He shared that vaccination is the only solution to fight against COVID 19. He added that there is still the risk of getting infected, but there is assurance that the severity will be less. He added that people want to live a happy and healthy life, hence it would have been better if it was open for everyone. 

The actor talked about the importance of putting your health as the first priority. He said, "I so agree with the phrase 'Jaan hai toh jahaan hai', health is and should always be the first priority come what may. You can get money, you can get a job, you can get everything in my life whenever you want, but once you put your health at risk, you put everything around you at risk. I feel if people understood the real importance or started valuing their health only because of the pandemic, then I have serious doubts on their maturity and judgements."

He stressed that the present pandemic situation and lockdown situation has affected the economy severely. He mentioned about the people who became jobless in the present pandemic situation and people who are affected by the lockdown. He said, "There are people who have utilised all of their savings and are now taking loans for the treatment of their family members and relatives, and the worst part is they are still not able to save them. I really feel the government should help those whose businesses are shut because of the lockdown, they should help them with their basic needs of survival at least."

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