Jennifer Winget on digital debut with movie Phir Se: I froze for a second trying to fathom this is happening

Jennifer Winget fans have another reason to celebrate as the gorgeous actress will be making her digital debut today with her film Phir Se. The movie's release was stalled for the longest time owing to copyrights issue.
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Here's some good news for the Jennifer Winget fans. Even as her debut Bollywood movie Phir Se alongside Kunal Kohli couldn't release in domestic markets due to copyrights issue, the makers have now decided to skip a theatrical launch and instead go the digital way.  

Phir Se will be making its worldwide premiere on Netflix today. With this, Jennifer will make her digital debut on the world's most watched digital platform.

Isn't this a great way to start the week?

The Bepannaah actor is quite elated and anxious at the same time about this big move. 

Speaking about it, Jennifer in a statement to us said, "A lot of love and hard work went into making this film and the delay undeniably disheartened us all - cast and crew alike. So waking up today to see the film on Netflix is just the tops! The producers obviously felt better about a worldwide release over just releasing in theatres across the country. The final purpose of every film is to reach maximum eyeballs and with Netflix, we’re bound to get just that."

She further added that for the first few seconds this big move by the makers seemed surreal to her. "But I have to admit I froze for the first few seconds just trying to fathom this was really happening; it was a surprise that came out of the blue. To have the world watch it is both, exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time," she added. 

The film traces the lives of a separated couple living in London, trying to come to terms with the consequences of their split.​

Well, there is no denying that Digital is the way to go now and with this, we are sure the film will definitely find a market worldwide.

Meanwhile, Jennifer will be seen in Bepannaah opposite Harshad Chopra and Sehban Azim. Jennifer was last seen in Beyhadh where she stunned everyone with her performance as Maya.


All the best for jennifer

Is it true? Can't control my happiness ....FINALLY!!!

This couple is the best lol hehehe

Her movie is not even realised and her fans bash other's movie. Lol

She is the sympathy queen of India. she could do only this for Fame. sympathy sympathy and

And ksg is sympathy king of India.. and off course Casanova of the world..

Flop television flop movie but real life is super hit

I smell jealousy

She is the highest paid actress , if you call that flop other actreses would love to get flop then

Hehe true, also other actreses dying to do a role like Maya and it was so epic that show got extension even though being a finite series on popular demand

When there are millions of fans out there for Jen we shouldn't be bother by 1 hater even she is obsessed with Jen clearly

Jennifer is expert in stealing nature. She always steal other's things that's why she worked in this stolen script Movie. OK

Her fans become so frustrated when someone does same with them what they are doing with other celeb since ages

Your KSG also probably worked on stolen scripts too which is why his movies 3 Dev and Firrkie is not releasing, anyway actors actresses doesn't know if the script is stolen or not and they don't write the scripts, it's directors responsibility, Padmaavat is not releasing for some reason but that doesn't mean it's Ranveer, Deepika or Shahid's fault because they didn't know the fate of the movie when they signed it, so the same situation applies here. Now worry about your jobless KSG's flop career instead of stalking Jennifer. Please PV post this.

ksg has 2 released movies, winget has none, so stop comparing her to deepika and shahid, u r delusional, post this PV please

No one cares about his 2 released movies but he also have 2 unreleased movies now, so what happened to those movies? No good directors gave him any work in Bollywood after HS3 released and I am not comparing Jennifer with Deepika and Shahid but if their movie didn't get release for some reason, then there was some reason for Jennifer's movie not to get release as well which neither Jennifer, Deepika or Shahid is responsible for it because they didn't write the scripts for the movies. Please PV post this.

2 films out of which one was biggest Disaster and other was trolled for baseless story and filled with erotic contents ....well thanks but no thanks , Jen would never do such work atleast

Looks like there is nothing to promote about their favorite hence they are here. I won't be surprised if they take Jennifer's success credit and give it to loser karan someday


Making numerous shitty comments still won't make Jenifer any less popular but you can keep doing it for your peace

Stolen scripted movie. Anyways I m happy that now they can't come in biggboss to promote this chori wali movie.

Finally the hard work will pay off ! Congrats to the team . Will watch it as soon as I get time

Really double standard :p Jennifer fans were bashing Kunal kohli when this movie was not released. Her fans always need others to throw blame so they can hide Jennifer's failure

How was it Jennifer's failure when it wasn't releasing because of Kunal Kohli? Jennifer didn't make the movie, it wasn't releasing because of some plagiarism issues and actors actresses are not responsible for it, there are many haters like you that blamed Jennifer when the movie wasn't releasing, I can see that you can't stop blaming Jennifer for everything to defend your favorite and stalk her 24/7. Please PV post this.

jenni's achievements
1. Best actress awards
2.Ht most style icon title of television 2017
3. Millions of fans
4. Admired by more than 27 celebs
5. The only Hater who is more obsessed than even her fans who makes comments almost on every article of jen

how do u know it is just one hater? and how many comments u will make?? it seems like u r the only fan who comments here, u need a life

Dude Netflix is the most viewed digital platform, releasing on netflix worldwide itself is a sure success , congrats to the team

Success is when The person who dislikes you still can't ignore you and invest maxmum time making numerous comments.... WELL DONE jennifer!!! You are too good to be ignored!

cheers to jennifer and kohli's success! Ignore that one person who is making bad comments constantly, her jealousy is expected since jenni is doing so good in life :)
let us celebrate this day by watching the movie

how do u know it is just one person? u need to stop hallucinating

yes she is doing very well, thats why her movie couldn't even get a proper release, lmao how silly

Woah !!! This Woman is on fire man!! last show was successful, now another show coming with this movie release , on the other hand other actresses becomes just one show wonder but jenifer just not stopping raising the bar higher and higher

Yes... Nobody wanted to see jennifer in dmg 2 so it's Shilpa's mistake, she came back and stolen the attention. Then KSG and Surbhi was friendly, unlike Jennifer who was arrogant with Gautam so it's Surbhi's mistake, she should stay in limits. This movie not released so kunal kohli mistake. Jennifer marriage failed so it's Bipasha's mistake however divorce papers already proved that Jennifer lied about finished relationship. Jennifer's fans bash Aneri, Drashti and when their fans replied back so it's their mistake.

Who said that nobody wanted to see Jennifer in DMG 2? She made many fans from it and many people consider her as best Riddhima, it's not her fault that your Shilpa left that show in the middle and came back, then the Cinevistaas kicked her out from it and just because she is out of work doesn't mean that Jennifer have to be jobless too just because your KSG was flirting with Surbhi doesn't mean that Jennifer also have to flirt with Guatam, the reason why she wasn't that friendly with Guatam was because of your KSG, he even said that he didn't like her doing intimate scene with Guatam and of course its Bips fault because she is a homewrecker, because of Bips, Jennifer couldn't save her marriage, the divorce paper doesn't prove anything, even if he separated with Jennifer in July, Bips still had contribution of breaking Jennifer's marriage because at that time your KSG went to Kerala to work with Bips, its clear that he left Jennifer at that time and was flirting with Bips. Now go somewhere else to promote these flop and jobless people KSG, Shilpa and Bips that no one cares about. Please PV post this.

So who else watched it and loved it ?

What ? So that means this 3 year old movie is not released yet :O so sad! I thought she has won an oscar for this movie as her fans claims that she is more good than Deepika and Aishwarya .lol

we understood you don't like jenni but seriously how many more comments do you need to show that:P LOL so obsessed , Best won't stop being the best just because you don't agree

What else do expect dear? Her favorite neither has movies nor series to release just in news for PDA and gym so its natural to get upset seeing Jennifer's success

Even deepika's padmavati didn't release ...does that made her any less successful? No !! Don't worry about talented actreses like jennifer ,deepika and aishwarya , they will manage to get on top again even after failure , worry about your favorite instead who isn't giving you good enough reasons to be on their articles than here ...have a good day

Flop TV actress winget

Super duper excited to watch it

Oh great

This couple, I am laughing so hard... Ye couple toh SRK and Kajol se bhi best hai :P

No matter how much you laugh at her, you can't ignore her which is why you stalk her articles all the time on this site.

All the best Jenifer winget u r best actress in india

Best only in real life... She acts "Oh so innocent!!" when actually she broke up KSG and Shradddha

They made a cute realistic couple. Couldn't see the full film, but really liked what i saw

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