Kamya Punjabi gives a fitting reply to a fan who told her to forget Karan Patel

Kamya Punjabi was told by a fan to move on from Karan Patel.
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Actress Kamya Punjabi never shies away from speaking out for herself and anything that goes wrong. The television actress gave one of her fans a fitting reply when the fan told her to move on from her ex boyfriend Karan Patel

Kamya shared a picture on her Instagram. The actor captioned it, 'Tu nahi toh main nahi... the only thing that keeps me going... #LoveMyWork Coming up.. keep watching #Shakti @colorstv #Preeto'.

One of her fans commented on her picture that she is disappointing her fans and told her not to pity herself and move on.

Kamya replied to her fan that who is she talking about. She told the fan to keep her assumption to herself and told her she has no idea about her life. The actress also said that she loves and respect her fans but such comments are not welcomed. 

Kamya and Karan had dated a few years ago. Karan Patel got married to Ankita Bhargava in 2016.

In one of the interviews, Kamya had said about her ex Karan, "The guy who walks out of someone's life suddenly and is seen to be with another woman in just two days, is someone who does not deserve to be taken back! Rather no woman would take a similar man back in her life!"

She had also said to a leading portal, "Of course I know that he is married and I don’t even wish to have him back in my life. I will never be able to forgive him for breaking my trust and heart."

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Sour grapes

Karan Patel is a horrid person in every sense of the word. What is most pathetic about his is the way he shamelessly copies Shah Rukh Khan at the drop of the hat.

I think this is a case of typical indian male mentality. These single guys date divorced/separated women for benefits be it filmy connections, money or other sort of benefits and then dump them once their parents find a "homely" never married girl for them. These guys are absolutely okay with this sort of an arrangement as they have nothing to lose and the parents are also against their susheel (aka casanova player) son marrying a divorced woman. If she has a child, even worse. This doesn't happen abroad in western countries. Humans are treated like humans.

Yea dude

Kamya looks like his grandmother

it's really heart breaking to read these kind of comments. so what if she looks like his grand mother. is looks the ONLY thing which matters? if he did what she is saying, isn't that an inhuman thing? juzz because she was married n has a kid doesnt make her a toilette paper. people have feelings please respect.

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