Kangana Ranaut takes a dig at controversial show Pehredaar Piya Ki in her new The Bollywood Diva song

Kangana Ranaut takes a sly dig at Sony TV’s controversial show Pehredaar Piya Ki.

Thank Kangana Ranaut for spearheading the debate on sexism and nepotism in the nation. Not someone to mince her words, Kangana, who is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Simran, shot for a video with a popular stand-up comedy team. 

The song titled The Bollywood Diva Song is a reflection of the sexism that persists in our industry. From taking a dig at actresses' low pay cheques to the unapologetic objectification of women, the song braves to point out the problems in our industry and rightly so. 

Among other barbs, The Bollywood Diva Song took a sly dig at Sony TV’s controversial show Pehredaar Piya Ki which was pulled off abruptly following several petitions. 

Just recently, Pehredaar Piya Ki had kick-started a fresh debate on the regressive content sold on TV. Taking a dig at the show, Kangana is seen saying, “Yes, we have vagina re, piya Ka pehredaar banai na re.”

Pehredaar Piya Ki had run into several controversies after a 9-year-old was shown marrying an 18-year-old which had left many cringing. The makers are now shooting for another show with the same cast and are hoping to strike a right chord with the audience this time. 

Talking about Simran, Kangana plays a Gujarati NRI who is a kleptomaniac in the movie which is being directed by Hansal Mehta. The movie releases on September 15, 2017. 

Kangana is also busy shooting for her upcoming film Manikarnika which releases next year. 




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Their second show is actually very unique and fresh. It does not seem like it came from the same creative team at all. However, there are almost no old cast members in this show.

Nope. If they're to believe, it's that that one.

Tiring woman

What else can she do.. trying to make her living and get limelights by targeting married men and taking dig at people.

how exactly does one target a married man? Is she an assassin? Are married men deer caught in headlights being targeted by lusty women? Are you mad?

Lol comments by other users show they support such stupid drama concepts? That's why more lame and lame serials are coming up oh myyyyy

That show was actually interesting. And KR is getting annoying at times now.

Does that mean are you okay to see a minor acting in love making/romantic scenes on Television?
We are having minors raped in our country and some people like you are enjoying watching such STUPID concepts on TV. PATHETIC !!!!!!

I'm not talkling about being okay or enjoying a minor acting in romancing scenes (theres no love making). Didn't say any of that's okay. No body said misrepresenting minors is okay. Don't twist the words. The overall story was interesting with the suspense and all. Calmn down.

Yeah Agree, but all Indian dramas starts with accidental marriages and then takes years for the couple to consummate wedding, so that they can get TRPs...In the beginning they look different after some months they are all SAME !! There was a reason that the show has been called off.

There is show on Zee and Star plus where the couple is married but they are always on and off and those dramas are ruling the trp charts

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