The Kapil Sharma Show: Krushna Abhishek takes a jibe at Neha Kakkar; Compares her with Archana Puran Singh

Krushna Abhishek takes a dig at Neha Kakkar, who graced The Kapil Sharma show recently as he compared the singer with laughter queen Archana Puran Singh. Here's what happened.
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Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar is known for three things - her amazing singing skills, her cute looks and her tendency to shed tears. While everyone loves Neha for who she is, she often becomes a target of meme creators and comedians for her uncontrollable tears. And this is what happened, in the recent Kapil Sharma Show episode, where Krushna Abhishek took a jibe at Neha for her infamous reputation for quickly crying on Indian Idol 11, where she is the judge. 

Neha, who was graced the comedy show in the recent episodes, with her siblings Tony and Sonu Kakkar, had to face Krushna's witty humour and mockery. Krushna, who is seen on the show as Sapna, first gave a warm welcome to Neha and said that she is not guest here, but rather a member of the TKSS family. But, within moments, Krushna showed us his funny side and took a dig at Neha Kakkar and compared her to judge Archana Puran Singh. Calling Neha Kakkar the Archana Puran Singh of Indian Idol, he said, "While Archana earns money by laughing at all that happens on this show, Neha earns by crying on everything that happenes there (Indian Idol)". Krushna's funny jibe spread a riot of laughter all over and audiences were left smiling like never before. Neha, who is often seen getting offended by jokes, rather took this sporting and also laughed her heart out. 

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On the same show, Neha also revealed some secrets of her past life and details of her shoe size. Well, what are your thoughts on Krushna's funny take on Neha's habit of tearing up quickly on Indian Idol? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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