The Kapil Sharma Show: What? Shahid Kapoor is afraid of offending Mira Rajput’s army of maids at home

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani will be seen promoting their upcoming film, Kabir Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show. The star cast had a fun time on the show. Check out the chat between the two below.
The Kapil Sharma Show: What? Shahid Kapoor is afraid of offending Mira Rajput’s army of maids at homeThe Kapil Sharma Show: What? Shahid Kapoor is afraid of offending Mira Rajput’s army of maids at home
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If there is one show on TV which has been entertaining audiences, it is the Kapil Sharma Show. On the show, every week, Kapil brings in a fresh line up of guests and this week, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani graced the show to promote their upcoming film, Kabir Singh. On the show, Shahid and Kiara had a blast like all other guests and also entertained the audience with stories from the shoot of their film. On such story involved Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput. 

There was a scene in the trailer in which Shahid is seen running behind the maid as an angry man as she broke a glass. Well, Shahid revealed that it is the other way at his house. Shahid mentioned that after his wedding with Mira, there was an army of maids which she got along with her. Thus, at home, he is afraid of breaking glass and offending the army of maids. Shahid quipped that if at all ever he was to break a glass, he would offer to clean it up himself and not offend them.

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Well, now that is surely a hilarious story which was shared on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. Apart from this, Shahid also opened up about the darkness of his character from Kabir Singh and mentioned that he used to shower every day for 2 hours in order to get rid of every inch of negativity before heading home as it would affect his little ones Misha and Zain. Meanwhile, we will get to see this entertaining episode of Shahid and Kiara promoting Kabir Singh on the Kapil Sharma Show soon. 




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Oh so her puppies are cared for by her army of maids

Mira if you read the comments section please tell your hubby to think before he blurts out utter rubbish. Ok Bye!!

n u think Mira has more brains than Shahid? Ha!

Army of maids for a simple normal housewife

Mira’s face is enough to turn someone off. Ugly

She is young, fresh and beautiful.........

He thinks it’s something to be proud of for his unemployed home bride

Please don't be jealous... she is born into a rich family and married to one.. so why should she work for her living? why do you people spew venom unnecessarily? she is happy the way she is and I am sure whatever job/position she could occupy can be used by someone in need of it. so let her be happy and enjoy her life and family.

OK dude, Mira is a rich Delhi used to an army of domestic help unlike you middle-class machhars!

Mira is most intelligent and beautiful

Hey guys wanna hear a joke?

Shahid not love her

Get a job Mira. Go achieve something in life. Be a role model for your daughter. Teach her that a woman can be self-supporting. Right now the only example you are setting for your daughter is to be a rich idle housewife.

So Shahid Kapoor took shower for 2 hours daily after the shoot....
Now later after a few days such people would come out and show fake sympathy over drought , farmer suicides, less rainfall and blah blah....Also Mira Rajput is setting a good example for Richie Rich girls who don't have any aim In life, but just enjoy the luxury recieved with the Hard earned money of her Husband...the arrogance on her Face during every Media appearance shows how stupid she is....Peace ✌️

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