Karan Tacker: Hosting the first ever meeting in 70 years between Israel-India makes proud of myself

Karan Tacker is proud on hosting the meeting between PM Modi and Israel's PM.
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When we talk about Television heartthrobs, Karan Tacker is one name which pops up immediately. Karan has not only carved a name for himself as a successful actor but is also known for his hot and fit avatar and now his hosting talent. His hosting stint at NB8 took the actor to another level now. He went onto host the prestigious meet greet event between Narendra Modi and Isreal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, Karan who is finally back to the city after a lot of globe-trotting spoke about his stint as a host at the prestigious event. "Well, Israel was something that was very exciting for me. So I hosted something on Times Square which was called Diwali at Times Square last year. And I launched the first ever postal stamp for India in America which was a Diwali diya. It was on the day of Diwali with Narendra Modi being live on the Times Square screens. The mayor and many consulates and other political people were also present at the event. So someone saw me there, the PM's officer actually saw me there, and he had seen what I did there in terms of hosting. So they asked me to host this entire friendship meet between Israel and India and it was such an honour for me."

He further stated, "You feel really great because (a) you feel recognised for what you're doing and (b) you feel very credible when someone asks you to do something which is such a sensitive sort of an issue. It was really great to host it. And it was wonderful to be in Israel after all that we've heard about Israel,  you know like how it has been at war for such a long time and all. But contrary to all that Tel Aviv which is a city I had been to is absolutely beautiful.It's got breathtaking beaches. I was living right opposite one. So I used to sit at breakfast every morning overlooking the sea. And I'm a beach bum so I loved the place. Unfortunately, it was extremely hot at that time, it was about 40 degrees, so I couldn't really use the beach. But nonetheless, it was really nice. One of the days I went to Jerusalem, which we all know is one of the holiest cities in the world. And it was absolutely magical, because it kind of just puts you back at a time. You get to see the streets on which Jesus Christ had walked on, you get to see the western wall which is a very holy wall for Jewish people. You also get to see the dome of the rock which is the golden temple of Islam, and is the second holiest place in the world after Mecca which is what I've learned on my trip. After looking at all the places where Jesus was crucified and buried, it's just magical because you've only read about all these places and actually being there, being present in that atmosphere is altogether a different feeling. So overall, I had a very good trip to Israel, it was very short, I was just there for two nights and I worked there on one of the days. The second day I got just 3 hours of sleep because I really wanted to see around Jerusalem and that's what I did. It was a great trip and I'm always gonna be honoured and this is going to be something I'll write in my hand book. Because I hosted the first ever meeting between Israel and our Prime Minister, which never happened in 70 years. It's going to be something that I will always be proud of."

For those uninitiated, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently in Isreal for a 3-day visit. This was the first ever visit by an Indian PM to Israel. PM Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were expected for three days of talks to seal military and cyber security deals worth billions, including drones, missiles and radar systems and the creation of a new jointly-built missile-defence system.

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