Kasautii Zindagii Kay SPOILER ALERT: Prerna admits her love for Anurag; Mohini SLAPS Komolika

In tonight's episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay Komolika and Prerna will come face-to-face and indulge in an ugly verbal spat. Here's what will happen in the Erica Fernandes and Parth Samthaan starrer.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay SPOILER ALERT: Prerna admits her love for Anurag; Mohini SLAPS Komolika
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Kasautii Zindagii Kay starring Parth Samthaan (Anurag) and Erica Fernandes (Prerna) in the lead roles returned with fresh episodes yesterday (July 13, 2020), after a three-month-long break. And much as AnuPre expected, it was a 'grand' comeback, as a lot of things happened, leaving space for more to unravel slowly and steadily. In the first comeback episode, Prerna and Anurag fans got a major shock as the latter faced an accident. Yes, Anurag suffered injuries and Prerna rushed him to the hospital. 

Now, in tonight's episode, Prerna and Komolika, the arch-rivals are going to get into an ugly verbal battle. It will so happen that Komolika will be left enraged to know that it was Prerna who admitted Anurag to the hospital and also signed on the hospital papers as his (Anurag's) wife. When Mohini, Komolika, and Nivedita reach the hospital, Komolika will bump into Prerna. In a fit of anger, Komolika will enter into a war of words with Prerna. She will question him for not leaving Anurag's side, despite what he has done to her daughter. Not only this, but she will also call Prerna a 'characterless wife.' 

Prerna will first listen to Komolika's rants calmly, but when Komolika's allegations cross the border, Prerna will give her a befitting reply. As soon as Komolika asks Prerna about her feelings for Anurag, Prerna will admit that she still loves him, leaving Komolika utterly shocked and disgusted. While Prerna walks off giving Komolika a savage reply, the latter fumes in anger and now wishes to confront Anurag about the same. 

Just a few moments into it and Mohini tells Komolika that Anurag is fine and has regained his consciousness. However, Komolika will be filled with anger, and head towards Anurag for answers. But, on seeing Komolika aghast, Mohin will stop her Mohini will slap an enraged Komolika. On the other hand, upon regaining consciousness Anurag will ask about Prerna's health, leaving Nivedita irritated, as she blames Prerna for Anurag's state. 

It would be interesting to see what happens next. How will Komolika take revenge on Prerna's recent mind game? What are your thoughts on the same? Also, Mr. Bajaj's entry is awaited, are you excited to watch him? Let us know in the comment section below.