Kavita Kaushik reflects on Sidharth Shukla & Asim Riaz’s relationship: In real life animosity doesn’t matter

Updated on Sep 08, 2021 01:23 PM IST  |  110.2K
Kavita Kaushik reflects on Sidharth Shukla & Asim Riaz’s relationship: In real life animosity doesn’t matter (Pic Credits: Kavita Kaushik Instagram)

It has been a few days since the sudden and untimely demise of Sidharth Shukla left fans and the entertainment industry reeling in pain and shock. As Sidharth’s loved ones and family members struggle to find the strength to deal with this irreplaceable loss, his fans have been in mourning too. In fact, according to reports, one such fan has slipped into a partial coma out of grief and shock. FIR fame Kavita Kaushik recently shared her thoughts on the same with a leading daily. She also spoke about Asim Riaz, who was the finalist on Bigg Boss 13 along with Sidharth Shukla, and reflected how their fights on the show did not matter in real life at all. 

In a recent chat with ETimes, Kavita Kaushik urged Sidharth’s fans to stay strong and lift each other up. "This is all so scary. All I want to tell Sidharth's fans is to stay strong and not let the sorrow affect their mental and physical health. It is really painful to hear the news about his fan slipping into a partial coma. We should value our family members, we should see how life is unpredictable for all of us and so whatever time we have we should focus on spreading love. Sidharth's fans should not drown in their sorrows but should lift each other up. They should think about their family members too and should try to stay positive. Sidharth was always there for his friends and family members and now his fans, just like him, should be there for everyone too." 

Kavita also reflected on Sidharth and Asim’s relationship, and how, despite being at loggerheads during their stint at Bigg Boss, the latter was one of the first ones to reach Sidharth’s house on the fateful day. She said, "His fans should also learn how in real life animosity doesn't matter. I mean those fights between Asim Riaz and Sidharth didn't matter at all. Asim was one of the first to reach Sidharth's house after hearing the news. It showed how hurt he was. It also reflected that the true nature of humans is to love."

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