Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, 1 August, Written Update: Elimination stunts take place in the show

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Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, 1 August 2021, Written Update: Elimination stunts take place in the show

In today's episode, Rohit informs the contestants about a twist along with weekly atyachaar. Further explains to the contestants that losers of today's stunt will directly go to the elimination stunt.

1st Stunt: It is a partner stunt where both the contestants will be tied with a bungee rope where they have to unlock themselves, once they unlock themselves they have to cut the rope and then drive a car in reverse till the endpoint. Later, Rohit Shetty reveals the twist about the electric current passing through the keys. Arjun-Mahek and Rahul-Vishal do the stunt where we see that Rahul-Vishal win the task and Arjun-Mahek will face elimination.

2nd Stunt: Anushka and Aastha perform this stunt. A contestant will be in a container full of ice where cold water will be showered on them wherein they have to find out the correct tap to stop the flow of the water, but the twist here is that their eyes would be covered. Aastha starts the stunt and performs well. Later, Anushka is seen to abort the task in between. So, Anushka joins Arjun-Mahek in the elimination.

Elimination Stunt: There is a tunnel with 5 compartments. The performer will have to find a key to reach the next compartment. Every compartment has different creatures in it. The twist here is that they have to find the key with the help of their mouth. Rohit asks Arjun if he wants to use his K-band and nominate someone instead of him where he agrees and selects Sourabh to do the task. So now Sourabh, Anushka, and Mahek will do the stunt. Amongst everyone, Sourabh takes more time to finish the task and gets eliminated from Khatron Ke Khiladi 11.

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Anonymous : Watched it . It is a biased show. Favourites are Bijlani and DT Aunty who are given easy tasks. But Mahek, Saurav and others are given very difficult tasks . Did DT pay here as well like NB ?Pathetic woman
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