Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, 22 August 2021, Written Update: Vishal and Nikki bid adieu to the show

Published on Aug 22, 2021 11:54 PM IST  |  149.6K
Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, 22 August 2021, Written Update: Vishal and Nikki bid adieu to the show

Host Rohit Shetty informed the contestants about the double elimination in today's episode and changed the stunt partners. The new partners were Abhinav-Rahul, Vishal-Nikki, Sana-Anushka, and Arjun-Shweta.

1st Stunt:

One partner was locked in a hanging container wherein the other partner had the keys to that container. Once the stunt started the container started sinking in the water while the other partner had to swim to the container and open it with the correct key. Once the partner in the container was unlocked, both contestants had to swim to the endpoint.

Abhinav-Rahul and Arjun-Shweta performed the stunt. Arjun and Shweta successfully completed the stunt. While Rahul-Abhinav aborted the stunt midway and got the fear fanda.

2nd stunt:

This was a 15-minute stunt that had to be performed on a hanging platform. Once the stunt started, both contestants had to move ahead on the platform and create a bridge with the help of black rope. As soon as both the partners reached the endpoint, they had to jump from there.

Sana-Anushka started the stunt and completed it successfully. Vishal-Nikki started the stunt but could not perform it in under 15 minutes and hence got the fear fanda.

Elimination stunt:

In this stunt, both the partners were locked in 2 separate boxes. While one partner had 4 locks the other one had the keys. Once the stunt started, one contestant had to transfer the keys to the next partner with the help of their mouth. Wherein, the other partner had to collect the keys with his mouth and open the locks with the help of his hands. The stunt was performed by both Abhinav-Rahul and Vishal-Nikki.

Abhinav-Rahul started the stunt and successfully completed it, later Vishal-Nikki also completed the stunt but took 10 seconds more than Abhinav and Rahul. So as a result Vishal Aditya Singh and Nikki Tamboli were eliminated from the show.

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