KKK 11 Finale Day 1 Highlights: Rohit Shetty & Divyanka Tripathi’s camaraderie to the dynamic elimination task

Updated on Sep 27, 2021 02:49 AM IST  |  111.2K
KKK 11 Finale Day 1 Highlights: Rohit Shetty & Divyanka Tripathi’s camaraderie to the dynamic elimination task
KKK 11 Finale Day 1 Highlights: Rohit Shetty & Divyanka Tripathi’s camaraderie to the dynamic elimination task

Rohit Shetty’s Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (KKK 11) is in its last stage, with Arjun Bijlani, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Shweta Tiwari, Vishal Aditya Singh, and Varun Sood as the final 5 contestants of the show. After shooting for the adventure based reality show in Cape Town, KKK 11 premiered in July and has received an encouraging response from the audience. In today’s episode, the final six contestants performed the dynamic tasks, after which Rahul Vaidya got eliminated from the show. He was competing with Shweta in the elimination task.

Now, while we wait for the second part of this grand finale, which will air on Sunday - September 26, 2021, here are the highlights from today’s episode. 

Rohit Shetty & Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s camaraderie 

The episode began with Divyanka revealing that host Rohit Shetty is good with card tricks. She requested the filmmaker to try one card trick with her as well, which Shetty agreed to do and surprised the actress by guessing the card correctly without even looking at it. Meanwhile, later in the show, Rohit even directed a scene for Divyanka but in his own style. Overall, their camaraderie was quite entertaining. 

Arjun, Divyanka & Shweta’s ‘shocking’ task

Three tasks were performed in today’s episode, however the one that left the contestants screaming was performed by Arjun, Divyanka & Shweta. They had to individually go into a cage like set up and come out of it, while enduring several electric shocks. Arjun and Divyanka bravely completed the task with the latter winning it, while Shweta made an attempt but opted out of it mid-way. 

Divyanka and Shweta’s friendship

Shweta and Divyanka have formed a strong bond on the show, which was evident throughout the season. Which is why when Shweta initially refused to do the ‘shock’ task, it was Divyanka who encouraged her competitor to at least attempt it, and not give up without trying. Shweta took the suggestion and started the task, while Divyanka kept guiding her throughout. However, Tiwari later quit the stunt. 

Rohit Shetty expressed his disappointment 

After Shweta and Rahul opted out of their respective tasks without completing it, Rohit Shetty was visibly disappointed. However, to encourage the duo in the elimination stunt, he spoke about the commitment of some actors that he has worked with, including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. He shared how during Chennai Express, SRK did all the action himself despite having an operation of his left shoulder scheduled in 15 days. This conversation motivated Shweta and Rahul to give their hundred percent in the elimination stunt. 

Aerobatic aircraft

The elimination stunt required Rahul and Shweta to individually sustain themselves in an aerobatic aircraft. This task had no time limit, and the one who stays inside the plane for the longest time wins the task. The stunt looked extremely difficult, yet dynamic and grand, and helped Shweta become one of the top 5 contestants. 

Now, it is yet to see what happens on the second day of this grand finale weekend of KKK 11.

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