Kudumbavilakku, 6 October 2021, Written Update: Vedhika arrested

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Kudumbavilakku, 6 October 2021, Written Update: Vedhika arrested (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakku)

As the episode starts, Saraswathi advises Vedhika that they shouldn’t take Sanjana’s threat lightly. Siddharth arrives at home and Saraswathi and Vedhika wonder what brought him home from work. Saraswathi questions Siddharth’s presence and Siddharth reminds his mother she should be with his father’s side instead of hatching evil plans with her daughter-in-law.

Siddharth then sets his sight in Vedhika and makes it clear that he knows what she did with Sumithra. He tells her she isn’t worthy of living with him and he starts packing her bag. Saraswathi tries to stop him but Siddharth hands over the bag to Vedhika and asks her to leave the house. Vedhika asks him if he’s planning to bring Sumithra after sending her away. Siddharth tells her Sumithra isn’t like her and Vedhika asks if that is his perspective on her.

Saraswathi begs them to stop fighting and Siddharth tells, it’s too late for her advice and she too has been the reason for the rift between him and Vedhika. Vedhika asks Siddharth what wrong she has done to him and reminds her fight is with Sumithra. As things escalate between them, Siddharth slaps her and asks her to leave the house. Vedhika is humiliated and before leaving she tells Siddharth that he will never get to live with Sumithra if that’s what he’s hoping for.

As she steps out of the house, Police arrest Vedhika for conspiring and filing a false case against Sumithra. Police forcefully take Vedhika into custody and Vedhika begs for Siddharth's help. Sumithra and Pratheesh arrive to watch Sumithra being taken away.

Saraswathi asks Siddharth to hire a lawyer for his wife and Siddharth asks her why she is so concerned about his wife now. As the episode ends, Siddharth tells Saraswathi that he will not let Vedhika come back to the house.

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