Kumkum Bhagya 22 July 2021, Written Update: Rhea and Siddarth get married

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Kumkum Bhagya 22 July 2021, Written Update: Rhea and Siddarth get married (Pic Credits: ZeeTV YouTube Channel)

Rhea feels awful for Siddharth, who believes he is marrying her to protect his family from dangerous gangsters. The police arrive and apprehend the goons in time. Rhea believes she never wanted to marry anybody other than Ranbir. Siddharth believes the marriage decision is right.

Abhi drinks and wanders along the street, where he is noticed by Sushma. She gets enraged at Abhi and brings up his past. Abhi claims that Pragya and he are constantly at odds. She inquires as to whether he would go beyond his limitations. He wants to know what he did wrong. She did not inform him that he attempted to kill Pragya. She requests him to not put up a nice show.

He apologizes for his errors. She then informs him that it is too late. She tells him to stay away from Pragya. He doesn't believe it. She expresses her dissatisfaction with Pragya's behaviour.

She requests that he let Pragya move on with her life. He desires that she be with Pragya. She refers to his wish as selfish because of his greed. She claims that he is only taking advantage of Pragya's current situation. While protecting their lives, Siddharth and Rhea marry and are now husband and wife. The bride and groom arrive at Prachi's location. 

On the other hand, Ranbir had no idea that Siddharth would fall in love with Rhea and marry her on the spur of the moment. The marriage has saddened Prachi as well, but she reminds Ranbir that they can't kill Siddharth's happiness. After Rhea reaches the Kohli mansion, she leaves a lasting impression on the family members.

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