Kumkum Bhagya July 5, 2021, Written Update: Pragya tells Abhi that he means nothing to her

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Kumkum Bhagya July 5, 2021, Written Update: Pragya tells Abhi that he means nothing to her (Pic Credits: Zee TV YouTube Channel)

In today's episode, we see that Prachi tells Ranbir how beautiful days were when her mother was with her. Furthermore, she tells Ranbir that there's no one with her. Ranbir hugs and tells her that he is always there for her. Tanu on the other hand is thinking why isn't Abhi speeding up the process to get her out of jail. On the flip side, Abhi and Pragya finally face each other and get emotional. Abhi is very happy that Pragya is alive and tells her that he never believed she was no longer a part of this world. He tells Pragya that he missed her a lot and informs everyone that Pragya is alive. 

Abhi is seen explaining how much he loves her to which she replies saying, "Yes, I know how much you love your wife, I've heard it". Abhi tells her that dadi is the one who forced him to get Tanu out of jail and he took the decision of visiting the purse owner's house and that's how he could meet her and calls this 'destiny'. Amidst all this, he tries hugging her but Pragya asks him to stay away. Abhi expresses everything he has done for her, to which Pragya replies saying she isn't concerned about what he throughout these years but is more concerned about what happened before. Pragya tells him that he doesn't mean anything to her and she only considers him as Tanu's husband. 

Abhi asks her about her whereabouts for the past two years to which she replies, "Someone treated me like I'm worthless and I was busy making my identity to reach the top". Abhi blames Pragya for his relationship with Tanu as she wasn't interested to be with him. Later, as Abhi forcefully pulls Pragya close and asks her to talk about her problem, is caught by Sushma who immediately calls security and throws Abhi out of the house. Pragya is seen crying a lot after Abhi is forcefully thrown out. On the other side, Prachi tries to call Ranbir's house as she is concerned about his father's health but the call is received by Pallavi who hangs up as soon as she hears her voice. 

Tanu is happy to see Abhi when he visits the police station again and asks him when will she be released from jail. Abhi straight away questions her whether she met the purse owner or not, to which Tanu lies and says that she never met the purse owner. Before Abhi could force the truth out of Tanu, the inspector asks him to leave the police station. Abhi then reaches Pallavi's house to ask for her help to which she denies. Instead, she starts insulting Abhi. Pallavi blames the Kohli family for her business losses and family issues. She tells Abhi to never forget that the Kohli family is not compatible with the Mehra's and asks Abhi to leave.

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