Kumkum Bhagya show update: Abhi unveils Pragya’s face and finds her familiar

Updated on Mar 13, 2021 06:30 PM IST  |  260.9K
Kumkum Bhagya show update: Abhi unveils Pragya’s face and finds her familiar

Kumkum Bhagya is among the most popular TV shows in India, which always keeps the audience engaged with its plot. The recent plot of the show has taken a new track with the memory loss of Abhi. Since Abhi got shot in the head, he survived it but has lost his memory. He starts acting childish with everyone. Meanwhile, Pragya is denied entry into Mehra's house and she is unable to meet Abhi.

Pragya designed a plan to enter the Mehra house in the disguise as a maid. During her stay in the house, she covers her face all the time. But the problem arises when Abhi insists on seeing her face. She tries to hide her face but he removes the dupatta and throws it in the air. Frightened Pragya covers her face with her hands. Then he removes her hands to see her face. 

When Abhi sees her face, he says that her face resembles a fuggi doll that he keeps with himself. 

Later, Prachi becomes upset over watching the poor condition of Pragya and locks herself in her room. Rhea is also upset and goes back to her home. Aliya calls everyone for family lunch. There Dadi tells Tanu to stay away from their family matters. 

Later Abhi and Pragya are seen together as they spend some good time together. Pragya makes him feel happy. 

Rheas become worried and decide to get married to Ranbir at any cost. But she will succeed or not is yet to be determined. 

Did Abhi recognized Pragya or is it just a game for him? We will find out in upcoming episodes.

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