Manish Verma, Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mayank Nishchal & others react to lockdown: Industry is suffering again

Maharashtra is under Janta curfew and the government had announced new rules and restrictions. All the shootings have been stopped, which is affecting the television industry.
Manish Verma, Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mayank Nishchal and Rishina Kandhari share their view on current Janta curfew Manish Verma, Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mayank Nishchal & others react to lockdown: Industry is suffering again
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India is battling the second wave of Coronavirus and there has been a surge in the cases all over the country. More than 2 lakh cases are being reported and the worst affected state is Maharashtra. Due to which the state government has announced lockdown and even asked to stop all the shootings. Amid this, the television industry is badly affected. Recently, Karan Patel and Nakuul Mehta also opposed the lockdown and said that politicians can hold rallies in this pandemic situation.  

Sharing views on the lockdown, actor Manish Verma said, “I know the government has taken such extreme steps for our betterment only. But we could have found other ways of shooting as how we did earlier. It’s extremely difficult to survive the lockdown. However, I have come to Delhi to stay with my parents but I have to pay my rent in Mumbai anyhow. It’s just the starting of my career and such a situation has shaken my confidence. After my first serial ‘Beyadh 2’, lockdown happened and now I am doing ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’, this happened again.” 

“This 15 days of the interval has hit our industry to the core. Whether it’s actors or technicians, this situation is extremely tough for all as surviving this difficult time is a major challenge. However, such a step by the government was much needed because the second wave is much dangerous,” added Mayank Nishchal. 

“Well, it is terrible that shoots are not happening or businesses are shut. But it's really important to break the chain. There has been a spike in the cases and people are dying and there are no hospital beds. Unfortunately, Maharashtra is the worst affected. But they have to do this for our betterment and saving lives. I would request people to please abide by the rules,” said Vahbiz Dorabjee.

Actress Rishina Kandhari also said, “It's extremely unfortunate that industry again has to suffer this. We have seen multiple actors and technicians out of work and choosing to take their lives. This had to predetermined before taking such extreme measures. The impact will be huge not just on the industry but the economy also with no tax revenue being generated. I hope this ends soon and we find vaccine reliable or any other solution that isn't so harsh.” 

Currently, many television actors have also tested positive for COVID 19.

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