‘Meet’ actor Shagun Pandey showcases exemplary dedication as he resumes shoot after getting 6 stitches in hand

Updated on Oct 26, 2021 07:18 AM IST  |  190.5K
Shagun Pandey injury
‘Meet’ actor Shagun Pandey showcases exemplary dedication as he resumes shoot after getting 6 stitches in hand

Meet is a popular show on television screens that has been getting the attention of the audience with its refreshing storyline. The show presents the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who mirrors several women across the nation that are fighting societal norms of gender roles regarding work and responsibilities. It is seen that Meet Hood gets married to Meet Ahlawat (Shagun Pandey). As per reports, the actor Shagun Pandey got hurt recently during the shoot of the show. But he got his hand bandaged and got back on the show.

During a sequence, a centerpiece with a sharp edge fell on the actor's hand by mistake and he got a deep cut. In fact, he had to get 6 stitches on his hand for the same. While everyone on the set was shocked, Shagun was back on the set in no time for the shoot.  

Talking about his injury, Shagun said, “Injury and I go hand-in-hand always. I must mention that I have got injured in almost all my projects. I get hurt sometimes while performing stunts or while doing an action scene, but rab di badi meher rahi hai that I have always come out of it. When I got injured on the sets of Meet, I immediately knew the cut was very deep and hence, I went to the hospital immediately. The injury has been very painful, but I was back on the set right from the hospital to resume work as I don't want such small things to impact the bigger things in life. I must add that the production team has been very helpful, and they even asked me to rest at home, but I wanted to work so that I could distract myself from this pain.” 

He further added, “I honestly feel all these incidents define your character and how you overcome it is what matters the most. You will come across such situations in life a lot of times, but today if you make excuses and sit at home, it will not lead you anywhere in life. I feel my determination towards my work will take me ahead in life.”

Shagun’s dedication towards work is absolutely appreciable. In the upcoming episode of the show, the audience will witness the cute banter between Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat in the upcoming episodes of Meet.

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